Why Its Easy to Be Stupid but Hard to Be Smart

Let me tell you why its easy to be stupidbut hard to be smart.Stupid is at arms reachright there in your palmfinger on the triggerlocked and loadedready to drop the bomb.It takes very little effortand even less intelligenceto do just what it says. Oh yesdon’t get it twistedthe low controls youwhereas you’ve got togenerate theContinue reading “Why Its Easy to Be Stupid but Hard to Be Smart”

Are You a Donkey or a Talking, Flying Noble Steed?

It takes a level of honesty to admit that life feels empty within. So many of us are caught up in the champagne lifestyle thats beamed into our minds with its seeming fizz and sparkle, but how quickly it goes flat as it lacks true substance and is totally devoid of depth beyond the initialContinue reading “Are You a Donkey or a Talking, Flying Noble Steed?”

Do Adjust Your Thirdeyevision

Welcome to the Game (show) of life. None of this is what you think it isWe’re witnessing the intermissionbetween seasonswavelengthsperceptionsThat’ll lead to a different everythingBecause in lifethere are no accidentsonly opportunities. And fortune favors the boldas they resonate at higher frequenciesthan those fed a Twenty Four Seven diet of fear pornand low vibration entertrainment. GettingContinue reading “Do Adjust Your Thirdeyevision”

Michael Jackson – The Once and Future King

Are you listening? Who am I? Who are you? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What’s it all about? Do you have the answers? Immortality’s my game From Bliss I came In Bliss I am sustained To Bliss I return If you don’t know it now It’s a shame Are you listening?Continue reading “Michael Jackson – The Once and Future King”

Rap Lyrics in Olde English

We now interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to bring something refreshingly unique and entirely me from my divine point of origin all the way through the cascades of densities and fields that create reality via the persistent illusion we know as Three-D. Long, long ago, the first time I heard someone rapping bars over aContinue reading “Rap Lyrics in Olde English”

Addiction Is a Symptom of a Deeper Affliction

The truth of addiction is its just a symptom of a deeper affliction as there are wounds deep within that weep tears we can’t see but most certainly feel. To escape these and the pain they bring people will do the most illogical, self destructive things for a glimpse of remedy to keep their sanityContinue reading “Addiction Is a Symptom of a Deeper Affliction”

Coping Mechanisms & Belief Systems – Or Why the Caged Bird Sings

There once was a bird that was tied with a chain. It could fly where it wished, from past to future as its binds possessed great length and when they were first placed on she fought with all her strength. What once was the embodiment of freedom was now forced to live within limits andContinue reading “Coping Mechanisms & Belief Systems – Or Why the Caged Bird Sings”

I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself

You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do. Last month I stated, publicly and on the record, that I would update this site continually for a 21 period. That I did and those events set into motion the next event I’ve been working on since we last kicked it and will beContinue reading “I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself”