Has Your Story Even Begun?

When you’re coming up and in your first prime you’ve got lots of good with lots of bad.Its all mixed in as one package deal which is fine as a youth but doesn’t really cut it once you gain knowledge of Self and the experience points it brings. This is when the second prime kicks in because now you can begin separating the milk of wisdom from the waters of ignorance you’ve accumulated during this adventure in the flesh as you retain that which serves your best interests and jettison that which doesn’t via the processes of introspection and reality testing.

The rub is that the self centered grandiose aggression and DGAFness that was there in spades as a jit has to, by its very nature, be refined also and that turns it into something different. You can say its based on wisdom, declining hormone levels, experience, whatever you want but the battlefield shifts from the outer to the inner and with it the realization that your greatest foe doesn’t have a face beyond the one you see in the mirror every day because he lives in your dome. His voice is well known as you think its you when in reality its no such thing.

Ah, such an elegant and deception and most miss their second prime because they’re too busy listening to it and not feeling what the body says. There is a war going on within no man is safe from…

Only thing with this battle is there are no screaming crowds, no accolades, no bragging rights per se because you are literally alone in the ring. Upside is that not many people have the fortitude to even embark upon this quest because they simply never pushed themselves anyway and coasted through their first prime, hit the middle aged spread and then zoned out in front of the net with no reflection or desire to improve, filling in days till they are dead and missing the point entirely.

The best place to hide something from most people is put it inside them. They’ll never look there and most don’t suspect a thing because knowledge of Self isn’t on any curriculum, doesn’t pay any kind of bills or generate likes and clicks because its a deeply personal thing. Sure there are tips but there are also many misdirections designed to lull those who awaken back into another form of slumber as they delude themselves into thinking they’re oh so spiritual when in reality they’re just stepping on another kind of treadmill. The lack of progress is evident whenever battle tested because that calm, fluffy center they profess after a good stretch or some meditation is gone with the wind and they start raging.

Sometimes I miss what I used to be because being on the edge feels so alive in a way that walking the narrow path in the middle can’t by its very nature but then I realize that everything has a time and place and its the excess of before that paved the way for the insight of now by knowing what not to do. You put the beast on a leash and he serves your purpose instead of you chasing behind him, being accountable for his actions whilst he was at the wheel of your vessel. Yin/Yang. Polarities. The presence of one infers the potential of the other if you care to discover life on a more subtle level by first taking the time to examine the steps that led to this as well as the nature of the energetic baggage you’re carrying.

This is a huge part of it as examination and Self reflection is quite literally anathema to the egoic false self that most people believe is them and thus they’ll be sent off on tangents as its akin to straddling a wild horse, backwards, and then pretending you’re making it happen and are in control of thing. If you are then silence you mind now for three minutes. If you can’t do that who is really running the show? Get the hint?

The first prime is egocentric, literally me against the world. Its a gift to everyone who sports the flesh. The second prime is far more spiritual, akin to perceiving the universe in a grain of sand and comprehending the interconnectedness of it all and your role therein as it all plays out inside your awareness. It makes the first pale in significance in many respects but its also the antithesis of this modern age so your shift flies right over many peoples heads and can leave you feeling alone in a room full of friends as your frequency is so far above and beyond their range.

Look around and tell me you don’t see a world full of the Adulterated living lives of perpetual adolescence. The actions of the medes on the socialist scene illustrate this well as well as peoples general petulance and desperate need for attention which is the webs lifeblood as it sets off on its mission to break then harvest Souls one by one until it aggregates its own kind of conglomerate for the next level of this Game where carbon meets silicon and the apple of your eye isn’t Siri but instead an implant in your iris. Seeing what was never hidden yet or will it only kick in once you’ve twice bit upon the offering?

The foundation of a building never changes. No matter how many stories you lay on top of it as time progresses. This is why the old axiom of “Show me the boy and I’ll give you the man” rings as true now as it did then because everything in this realm is a fractal expression and thus scalable and predictable. In Twenty Twenty Three we’re going to see a heady mix and people who previously neglected the very concepts of Self development and adopted very simple mechanistic ways are going to be in for a rude awakening that stretches their rigid ways of being. No Sir, they won’t like it.

On the flip if you’ve always felt like a round peg thats been resisting the efforts of being shaped into a brick and have a splinter in your mind that says “Something is very wrong with this planet and the people on it” then congratulations! You’re about to come into your element as the collective begins to shift in frequency and perception to where you’ve always been. Its why I said in a previous message about the eclipse that good things are coming because the celestial influences are all interconnected and in many ways life on Earth is not only based on these elements, in the literal and metaphorical sense, but also the metaphysical as well as its the programming language of this realm.

If you’ve been running around feeling like you’re on the wrong planet or that something is missing and have been engaging in various forms of development that always felt more miss than hit but were better than nothing then rejoice because by reading this you’ve found the fifth element. The Psylense. Can you hear it? Its that which is imperceptible but makes all possible just like music is the poetry of the air and what was previously invisible will now be felt in ways deeply visceral as we shake off our collective malaise and see through the charade to realize the nature of the Witness within that just simply is. Here. Now. Present. Always has been. Always will.

This is the gift that we shall be unwrapping and I’m about to step it up eight levels and kick the ballistics online that we have been practiced offline for ages in order to help the collective accelerate their awareness via the gifts of experience I was given that I used to turn coal to diamonds as none of this is what it seems and you aren’t what you think.

You are that which thinks.

Till we meet again

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