Are You a Donkey or a Talking, Flying Noble Steed?

It takes a level of honesty to admit that life feels empty within. So many of us are caught up in the champagne lifestyle thats beamed into our minds with its seeming fizz and sparkle, but how quickly it goes flat as it lacks true substance and is totally devoid of depth beyond the initial intoxicating sip. As intended because image sells for those who dwell on the surface of the unfinite living lives like human callouses, unaware of their potential.

Many people spend their entire lives chasing after this like donkeys with carrots tied in front of their heads, whipped within an inch of non existence to keep sprinting at a break neck pace in order to win a race upon which they didn’t place any bets so they won’t get anything in exchange for the labor they poured in. Nothing of any lasting value at least. Imagine all of these donkeys were actually potentially noble steeds that forgot their own dreams and began to live someone elses, thats kind of how a nightmare would feel. Imagine one day a donkey says enough and calls the riders bluff, throws him to the dirt and trots off where he wants. The rest might look at him like he’s mad, for sure he’d be labeled crazy because they’ve been indoctrinated into thinking there is only one game and it has these rules but there is a difference between being an ass and a fool.

Oh yeah, these donkeys can talk too so he turns around to the others and says listen “I’ve got an idea. If one of you comes here then we can share the carrots we can’t reach as we each other feed because thats all we’re going to get anyway so why not spare ourselves the pain that we endure each day because I’ve always wondered what exists outside this frame, this track, this race. There has to be more and I want to turn the page to another chapter in the book of life because I’ve been doing this for ages and all Im getting is older and less able to do what I want as Im exhausted by the performance which is beaten, coaxed and threatened like my life depends on it so I’m not going to put up with it any more. This isn’t the reason I was born, this isn’t the reason I came to this world but I’ll never know if I don’t try something different”.

See, therein lies the secret to living a life of fulfillment because running around after trinkets, trophies and sanctioned markers of existence are the carrots they offer to those who don’t already feel they are enough in themselves and the few that scale the mountain to the dizzying heights all regale the same tale:

“I don’t feel any different, except now Im surrounded by all this stuff and it provides a buzz called distraction”.

Like recarbonating champagne thats gone flat, except now its on tap but still isn’t the real thing as it doesn’t pass the taste test.

Everyone comes to this planet with a goal, a talent, a mission. It might make dollars, it might not make sense but its something they can do far better than everyone else and its often the prime thing we all neglect because its the first layer of confidence they shred back when you set foot in an educational establishment as their role is to prepare the drones as they clip the horses wings as they simultaneously tell you the pegasus is a mythical being, no it doesn’t exist, you’re a donkey, see?

Rinse and repeat as children become parents and sacrifice their own seed to the same System that bought them misery.

But rejoice, that can be over. If you want it to be. At least because by hearing what I’m saying you’re already shifting your frequency and this can only lead to the discovery of path you were born to walk, the one no one had to tell you how to be act, think or feel, no you knew it from the jump because it feels realer than real and if you haven’t discovered or remembered it yet its quite easy as you’ll see because the next time you get up, feeling tired, looking in the mirror you’re going to see not only the donkey you’ve become and the carrot which leads but also the glimmerings of the eternal noble steed that wants to take flight and lead the life of unfettered adventure, filled with meaning, fueled by intention and it can all happen in an instant.

The Game plays out inside your awareness. The greatest secret is there is no “Them”, no externals, no foes. Only teachers playing roles to direct your attention within in order to comprehend the true meaning of donning an Earthday Suit made of flesh and stepping down into this realm where you were programmed to the whims of the level we’re playing as ordained by your Opponent to make you his Victim. This is why they set to work on damaging your Self esteem rather quickly so ye who possess plenty start feeling a state of lack as you’re shunted onto a track when you were born to roam free in this holographic scenery that masquerades as reality. It is possible to be free but only you can turn the key by first acknowledging the locks that were placed within, way back when, and became habits, tools and Patterns of avoidance designed to keep the truth hidden.

You just have to want it enough to put in the effort and the techniques I share will help pave the path to unlock the Self thats currently hidden within under layers of resistance and impingement that were poured into your head when suggestible and are most certainly not in your best interests. This state of Inner Sense is ever-present and heard all that I said as you are so much more powerful than you’ve been led to think hence a talking, flying noble steed who’s actually sexy and not just a plain old tired donkey thats had enough of getting its ass beat as he carries loads of fat tourists up and down the beach whilst wondering why life is packed to the gills with drudgery as it watches the fish swim free in the seas.

Actually, I want you to think of the Game and higher dimensional consciousness like this:

Looking down on the Third from the Fifth your life is like that of a worm sliding through the dirt of time that the Fourth Dimension represents. On one end the sperm met egg and goes through a process of division and multiplication that initially grows and keeps adding more and more to its presence before the System steps in and begins its process of subtraction in increments via its many limbs of programming and induction to numbness. Once you’ve seen this and know your true potential beyond wriggling on your belly just to get through the experience where you’re surrounded by the darkness of ignorance that comes with limited sensory equipment its very easy to shift and treat that dirt like air and become a bird instead as you fly from a much higher vantage and experience a state of freedom that will feel oh so familiar in its newness.

Know why this is?

Because you re-member its feeling from being a kid. The only thing that stands in your way is everything you think you know and cherish as those concepts are akin to bricks that keep your Soul slithering whereas the “I know I know nothing but wish to learn everything” attitude you possessed back when are the feathers that allow the Witness within to soar beyond this dimension and experience the freedom for which you’ve been yearning as it cannot be purchased off a shelf as its a process one must implement that I call the Path of Power. The first step is asking if the current laboring donkey version of thee is even capable of being a noble, flying steed because ultimately you see what you believe. This is how placebo heals and adds weight plus credibility to what I’ve said because if it were impossible then people going into remission on sugar pills wouldn’t be a standard feature of this reality.

And yet it is.

The Game plays out inside your awareness.

The Greek myths actually encode a lot of this and the Pegasus mentioned springs from the severed neck of Medusa when Perseus cut off her head. Its worth noting that she turned men to stone by looking at them and this is indicative of the System as it too possesses many heads and is as wise as serpents for its tricks reign in then shatter the Inner Sense whilst clipping the wings of all who step into the Game at this present moment because that is the true challenge:

To gain knowledge of Self. To overcome induced limitations. To declare war upon the inauthentic elements and energies that are present inside your resonance that you accepted from a position of ignorance and now wonder why life feels as it does because you miss your childhood wings and have had enough of wriggling upon your belly through the darkness.

The Warrior is he, she or they that sees through the charade and comprehends that life is akin to a prism that splits the invisible into separate wavelengths then recombines them again much like your unfinite awareness creates this realm before it feeds back its information via the division of senses that are then flipped, edited, chopped up and re-presented to the Witness within who animates the flesh and you are in the truest sense. This is what dreams your dreams each night as it vacates the flesh and allows it to rest and recuperate for another sesh which should offer the opportunity to think about the nature of illusion as those closed eye visions are as real as the one you wake up in as life is death in that sense (hence good mourning) because it marks a disconnection from your true Self as most believe they are the donkey as programmed whilst I say you’re something far more magnificent.

The rest is up to you for I can hand you the tools but its up to you to use them and see through the ruse which works like a maze. The longer you traipse, the more you’re waylaid as the scenery looks the same as the fools believing they’re mules trudge onwards each day with their heads bowed in shame thus none of them look above and see the talking, flying noble steed you were, still are and could once again be.

Should you want to be free. That really is the eight billion Soular question, see? And one which most dare not ask themselves as they’re so invested in the life they live yet detest thanks these concepts hammered in hence the best devil for them is the one that gores them on the horns of its familiarity and indolence whilst pretending to be an angelic being. By their fruits shall ye know them…

Till we meet again

Do Adjust Your Thirdeyevision

Welcome to the Game (show) of life.

None of this is what you think it is
We’re witnessing the intermission
between seasons
That’ll lead to a different everything
Because in life
there are no accidents
only opportunities.

And fortune favors the bold
as they resonate at higher frequencies
than those fed a Twenty Four Seven diet of fear porn
and low vibration entertrainment.

Getting concrete, heres what you’ll see shortly:

The death and rebirth of currency
as money ceases to be a thing
and becomes instead a key
that is your passcode for a new digital reality

In many ways nothings changed
as this is how its always been
except this time you’ll see
the shackles and how they cut deep

physically as well as mentally
when they change the guard of this energy
and bring forth whats known colloquially
as a new mark on an old beast
when carbon and silicon meet.

Simply put
everything will be freed
except you.
You’ll be tethered for infinity

via the same tech
which currently powers chips
only this time they’ll be embedded in flesh.
Why do I say this?

Simple money has always been
for all intents and purposes worthless
a way to keep everyone in check
via the debt it represents

as its created by a process
so simple it boggles the mind
whether Yen, Euro or Dime
it literally falls out of the sky

with absolutely nothing behind
nothing except your faith
that is
which is blind
because this ticket represents

the solution to everything
“Give me the paper” it screams
digits on a screen
“I want to believe!”

Consider reality as a script
in which you were born to play one role
but were coerced from the word go
to perform in their show

Ignoring the silent cries
of your ever present Soul
and this is the real reason
why so many are unfulfilled.

Whether they dwell on skid row
or living it up at the Ritz
very few transcend
and see the bigger pic

of the world and themselves

so the series as it was for millennia
is drawing to an end

hence all the theatricality and deception
as they want to give their loyal viewers a thrill.
So prepare for more spills and chills.

I say that to say this
exit paper
enter chips.

The dollar becomes worthless
and like California it falls off the edge
deep into the abyss
and as a phoenix rises from its death
another cycle shall sink its claws into flesh
because the show must go on
so many depend on it to exist
as it defines their everything.

“I spend therefore I am”
springs silently from their lips
as per the script
installed deep within the waves
of what they call subconscious

which actually marks the point
their personal no mans land begins
and thus the best place to hide
their truth from false self
which is right now
disbelieving this message
as it knows the threat it represents
to its manufactured ignorance.

Like I said
way back when
none of this is what you think it is
simply because you’ve never thought
in the real sense

as you’ve lived most of your life
like a puppet on a string.

Well this system shutdown and reboot will represent
the ideal time to meet your Self
as you no longer have to spin
the wheel you called your life
and whilst you’re not running around outside
you can instead bring a sense of calm to your mind
and start to unwind
the tension which fuels profit
and causes you to recite lines like
“Death is the end”
“I put all my faith in…”
and other such simple things
that spring from whats taught
and now what you’ll find
as you experience the depths of your Soul
and what it means to wear flesh
in this exceedingly real Game (show)
we’re currently within.

Stop for a moment and reflect:
You’re in a body
on a planet
which flies through a vacuum
as it chases a fireball.
This is the base totality
of what you call reality

as everything else is built upon its design.
Sounds crazy, right?
And yes
its all designed.
After all you can see clearly in the sky
as the sun and moon appear to be the same size
even though one is Four Hundred times larger
and the other is Four Hundred times closer
to align and create the magic of an eclipse
because in this Game
everything is implicit
which is why its so vital that you think
as everything is mental
especially the insanity that the world presents.

Right now you can choose
to ignore this and click away
let the chips fall where they may
as the new season takes shape
or you can leave your comfort zone
and escape to a place where the real magic takes place
as you realize you’re far more than words can ever say
and your embodied form has features
which can enable you to create
totally different ways of playing this Game
which you actively co create

What if the true secret of power
is knowing you know nothing
as it creates an open system
instead of the closed loop of ignorance
and this my friend is the key
as it represents the difference
between how a child lives
and the behavior being Adulterated brings
to the table of existence
or more accurately subsistence
where they fight and claw for the crumbs
that fell from up above
this is the money, all made up
that I’ve been talking of
and heres the rub
you were never born to eat
from the fat cats trough
whilst working like a dog
and crawling like a worm.

Nope, no never.
None of the above
but whilst your attention is held prisoner
by the bonds of indenture
you can willfully choose to ignore
the plenty which is all yours
and remain internally poor.

A quick parting thought:

All will agree a child is born pure
filled with innocence
which pours forth
in all they do and say in this world
until slowly their glowing core
is plugged and from then they trickle forth
not what they were before
and we say they’ve matured
when in reality its not, of course
as the truth was there all along.
To Adulterate is to introduce
an impure element that wasn’t there before

with this I’m sure you’ll agree

hence the circular inner child dies
as the cubic outer adult is formed.

Except this is a process you can reverse
right now
whilst the world is caught up in distractions
free yourself
from the comfort of your own home.

So come with me on this journey
as willhelpme unfolds
the knots you know so well
that prevent your outpour
and along the way discover riches
untainted by brand logos
as they are unique to you
and take your place at the table
that serves the finest meals
five courses
of whatever you want
as the fifth seasons draws to a close.

Welcome to the end of the world.

Or you can ignore all of this
stick to their prewritten script and
live in programmed ignorance
as you run away from this dish
which was crafted with pure intent
and would melt on your lips
as it provides the nourishment you wish
the rich mans crumbs could represent except:

News flash

They never have nor will
because them and their meals
are very hard to digest
as you weren’t made to act ignorant
and as such it takes effort
to crawl within their limited bandwidth
whilst kneeling at the feet of midgets
because you’re truly a giant.
Unfinite awareness.
Wisdom in essence.

I mean
ask yourself

Can you sit quietly in a room for ten minutes?
By yourself
with no distractions
or anything else?

Just you
your mindbody and Witness.
Go ahead, try it
see how long you last
as this offers clear proof
about all I have said
because if you spend your life
running away from your Self
then who profits
from your investment in ignorance?

The money may be fake
but the blood, sweat and tears it creates
are the real thing
and the side effect is this:
You aren’t actually a friend to your Self
as you chase an image
that doesn’t come from within
but is instead stuck on from without
like a mask over your visage.

Adulteration be its name.
Welcome to the Game
that eight billion currently play
and the only way to escape danger
is to choose instead
to become a changer.

Unleash the Warrior within.

Between now and
Two Oh Five Oh
The Game is going to change in ways
so far beyond the current frame
that you’ll look back on these days
as Victorian level quaint
with its heady mixture of ignorance
and stupidity
due to whats coming.

Like a second wave.

Watch and see.
Reality is scripted.
Let this serve as testament
because I’ve already lived it.

Future memories
in full effect.

Play on, playa…

Till we meet again

Empire = Emperors. Kingdom = Kings. Countries = ?

Empires were helmed by Emperors who did their thing as they wished which gave way to Kingdoms that were ruled by Kings that occasionally pretended to listen to the plebs they lorded it over in the literal and physical sense. Nowadays we have Countries and they’re ran by…. You know the rest.

The question is why do you put up with this? No matter who you vote for the government wins as the new ones shoved in simply continue reading from the old script as they are all marionettes that do exactly as it says on the tin when you elect.

Poli-ticks. Many leeches. Why expect any different to what you get when it does exactly what it says on the tin. The truth of the matter is if your vote was worth anything or had any effect you wouldn’t be able to exercise it because double binds and tricks with false options is the ugly truth that lies at the heart of this realm. Sometimes I wonder my reason for manifesting into this mess because its hurts the worst when you can see through all this and still recollect the mission that was etched before you’d taken step and what it means when your only options are conquest or death.

Craziest thing is that the ones who need to hear this most will deny to their last breath that their awareness is being held hostage because thats what the voice in their heads tells them is happening. Question:

How can you be it when you’re obviously the one listening?

Starting to see the puppet strings? I wondered this thought on the playground as a jit and the couple of three I mentioned it to back when freaked out at the implications so it is what it is because little has changed since then hence 8% Warriors and the rest as Slaves of some type of fashion as they believe their power resides outside them. That is the true nature of the trick because as I’ve said before and will again; The entire Game plays out inside your awareness ergo I am nothing but a figment of your imagination. Surely you’ve noticed this before when you’ve went to bed and dreamt? The plausibility of a world that doesn’t actually exist and only seems ridiculous once you’ve gained a higher point of reference. Thats the hint.

Wheels within wheels or dreams within dreams that would feel like a nightmare if only you weren’t so numb and getting number as you were lulled into a slumber via the vagaries of a machine designed to fleece the sheep then sell them back the wool as the latest “Must have” accessory. The fact most never question this is testament to how effective the entire process is because they built the System brick by brick and its been compounded by generational ignorance that is designed to empower them whilst weakening those who invest in zany narratives that genuinely don’t make any sense.

Science is a great example of this as most of the content is designed like a Hollywood set and looks great from one lens that aims to convince the viewer it is what it is but step to the side and illusion is revealed. Look into the replication crisis where someone throws something at the wall and it sticks so they publish but when another attempts it and gets nothing they just keep quiet and roll with it and the article is either eventually quietly retracted or they keep papering over it. Add in things like payola, competing interests and the desire to shape a narrative and its easy to see how these venerable institutions are actually hotbeds of corruption but who cares? Most people don’t. Give them enough bread and circuses, news of the latest celeb, some gossip of who did this and what someone else said and they’re quite content huffing down a Happy Meal whilst being glued to their TV.

Don’t you ever think the collective level of intelligence has obviously regressed since they unleashed the net? A trojan horse is what it is but people don’t want to see this as they crave the dopamine hits and distractions it brings. Those that disconnect often do because they realize it actually sells unity but brings division, much like religion in that sense, and places what you seek simultaneously at and just beyond your fingertips. Like real dogs chasing a mechanized rabbit they’ve tapped into innate streams them flipped them perversely hence why I said most never stop to recollect or question the intent behind this process as they’re too busy strolling along the broad and well lit path which ends with them dead with no keys to the exit so they have to insert another credit and play the same level again. And again. And again. Stop and think:

How many times have you actually read this? Why does what I say seem familiar in its newness? Could it be possible that those running the show have a vested interest to ensure the illusion isn’t seen for what it is but what they tell, sell and pretend it is because ignorance is profitable whilst wisdom is dangerous and this is why there is a forbidden religion thats been all but hidden via the slaughter of innocents as the wicked pen the script of future generations in the blood of those who knew the truth and refused to acquiesce.

Till we meet again

How to Speak to Your Inner Child

Take this as a preview of whats to come as its a very simple but exceedingly effective method of reconnecting with your inner child whose pristine presence still dwells within the depths of your Adulterated awareness. You will require a notepad and two pens. One with black and the other red ink along with the intent and dedication to take twenty to forty five minutes every day at the same time, the same place for twenty one consecutive days to take the foundational steps to rebuild your relationship to the child within. You are them, they are you and together you can be more powerful than you ever dreamed. The protocol works like this:

The black pen is held in your dominant hand and the red in the other for your child to reply. Spill the ink and introduce yourself, speak how you would to an actual little one with the same care, compassion and attention. Start off with something like “Its Twenty Twenty Two, December Thirtieth and I’m sitting here at my desk at Eight Fifteen, PM, writing this to you, my beautiful child within” or whatever comes to your awareness, feels best and most natural followed by a question. Then pick up the red pen in your other hand and answer it.

Thats it.

Thats the complete protocol in its entirety but don’t let its seeming simplicity fool you as its as a very powerful tool that I’ve often used as baby steps for those who wish to explore their inner realms and unlock the skills within once they step upon the Path of Power as its all fueled by Inner Sense.

At first it may be slightly awkward but be not discouraged. Stick to it with a sense of empathy and wonder because that child hasn’t written since way, way back when and they’ll need some practice to get back into the swing of things but when it clicks you’ll be unable to stop grinning. Or weeping. Or remembering bright visions of which you didn’t even have a dim recollection of previously as well as an almost unlimited amount of other options. One things for sure and two for certain is that they’ll be vivid and honest in ways that may surprise your currently Adulterated consciousness as Inner Sense can only tell the truth. Unvarnished and direct.

The next step is entirely optional but very much recommended and that is to start paying attention to your dreams following these sessions. People who’ve never recalled dreams previously suddenly start getting very vivid messages and recollections of past events as well as hints of whats to come. Keep a pad next to your bed and note them. Use these for content in the next session because you can ask this previously silent but now sparkling aspect of your Self about them and unwrap the meaning of the symbols. I’d recommend you record not just the images but the feelings as well, both in the dream and when you rise as its all important because your Inner Child will use your dreams as a way to communicate with you now that you’ve taken the basic steps on the Path of Power and discovery of your hidden potential.

Children really like stability and predictability so set aside a time to vibe. Maybe make a thing out of it so there is a clear line between the rest of the day and these moments of exploration in your inner realm. Some like lighting some incense to set the mood, a candle or oils essential. Whatever it is it should only be used as a gift to mark out this time of gently focused attention on your child within because the sense of smell is very powerful. A lot of people have accelerated their success by using something that reminds them of that time period. In general you want to approach this with a sense of play and patience like you would when handling a real, live frustrated child as they’ll pick up on your mood and feel it too.

If you slip and forget at some point in the twenty one then please restart the process as the effects are cumulative so please select your time well. Many have chosen just before bed. They’ll place their phone on silent somewhere else, take a shower, wash off the day and walk to their desk laced with welcome fragrance and settle in to a conversation with themselves for forty five minutes then go to bed and continue their adventures in Self discovery inside their dreaming awareness.

The process is simple but very effective and the dividends it generates are immense as investing in knowledge of Self is one of the best choices anyone in the Game at the present moment can make as its totally lacking on this level and the true root of the worlds problems. You are the solution. This is the process. Can you hear adventure calling from within?

Till we meet again

Real Eyes – Realize – Reel Lies

The hardest things to see are those right in front of your eyes. Especially if thats a rite in front of your eyes because the Devilish language is certainly packed with tricks designed to make you think its something when its actually quite different. The Dual Reality Principle in full effect.

People are programmed by the programming that issues forth from their television set that tells lies to their awareness and yet they don’t comprehend whats so obvious. Its a very elegant trick. Deceptive and quite evil but thats what makes it addictive because the badness generates cravings for something different to the dull edge that is your predictable existence. Its quite stunning how a black mirror across which dance pixels of blue, green and red can exert such an immense influence as I previously mentioned and its with this in mind we start a new seasun.


Real eyes, realize, reel lies. Not for nothing do movies come shipped on “reels” even though all they contain is fake scenes designed to make it seem like one thing when its another entirely. Schemes within schemes as ReelEyez will reveal because so far you’ve looked, but not seen. Take cartoons. They’re aimed at kids, yes? Back in the days of ancient Egypt the Ka was the part of the Soul that stepped into the Game and played its position via the flesh so its interesting that this should be “tuned” and have its perceptions moulded by entertainment, yes? Methinks there is a plan behind this and its aim is to divide you from your Self and in the process lose your purpose, mission and intent in this realm. Take this for example:

Why would a cartoon aimed at kids be packed to the gills with information esoteric about the internal energetics and chakra system? What if the children who absorbed this were actually sent as divine messengers to spiritually uplift who then watched this external projection, fell for the tricks the tell-lie-vision spits and settled in to a boring life of middle management as their true purpose was extinguished before they’d even had a chance to develop it? Can you imagine how this type of life feels? Worse still, does it reflect yours at this instance?

ReelEyez presents a different perspective as we’re going to delve into the subconscious that works on symbols, associations and is magnificently powerful should you choose to claim the reigns and sit at the helm. As we all know, nature abhors a vacuum and Hollywood is more than happy to step in and make your mind up for you as who owns the flower if they’ve claimed the roots? Better yet who decides what gets poured into the heads of the next generation via the entertrainment process that holds billions in the grip of its abusive relationship.

Food for thought, scrape the dish.

Till we meet again

Movies are Emotional Pornography

A configuration of pixels on a screen, that heady array of red, blue and green can make you laugh, make you weep or wish to reproduce instantaneously even though there is nothing but a black square underneath. Quite strange indeed as what makes this visible is rendered invisible instantly but then in the land of the blind the one with third eye glowing fiercely sees through the scheme and knows the deal.

Have you ever wondered why certain movies become popular and others are flops? What makes the box office pop non stop for certain slots when other more bankable options, that often cost a lot, fade without a fizzle and the revenue stream dries to a trickle?

You can divide this into two lanes as there are two things to be gained for those who engage in this way to while away a couple of hours of this day. The men lead with the head, its action and role-play with them filling in the steps of the hero on the screen. It fulfills a deeper need inside that most won’t dare to admit in that their lives are unfulfilling and penned with a very repetitive script and thus the actions of a jet setting, gun toting secret agent who slips between the legs of a bevy of 10s without resistance most certainly scratches the itch and allows them to invest in the image the screen presents to their awareness.

And then, once its finished its back to the desk or clocking in at the factory for another shift. Another brick in the wall, another cog in the machine, what once had the potential for anything is reduced into such a derivative way of being thats enough to make you want to scream.

Women are aroused more emotionally than viscerally and thus we see their counterpart on the screen engaging in the fantasies they wish secretly and that is to cast off the shackles off society and do whoever they wish, repeatedly, without a care in the world beyond the satisfaction of the pleasure they seek. Its why so many of the most successful themes you see involve cheating on their husband who may be all they want and seek in a main course but the delight of a sweet treat you can eat between meals and thus have the best of both deals is something hard to resist because, like the moon, women wax and wane in the moment and thus one can never fulfill all of the itches they have where and when. If you’ve ever read the most popular womens literature you’ll get my drift but the most interesting this is with the advancement of tech that allows them to select from a treasure trove of willing men and the cultural shift that equates loose morals with empowerment means they no longer have to read about it as they can live it, and true to to form, they only wants whats the best. Or what their friend says. Or the one they can’t get, either way you get the message we’re all seeking thrills and a break from what is because that doesn’t even bear thinking about in most peoples heads as they serve their life sentence on this planet without the first hint of awareness what is at stake or why they’re even present in this mess.

After all, who cares for such things when life is filled to the gills with distractions? You only get one as conventional wisdom says so might as well go all out. Except they don’t, not in the least because if you were to ask most people about their existence and what its like when it comes to ratios of difference, one day to the next, you’d find that over eighty percent of it is exactly the same. The one thing that does change, that which they cherish, hold dear and celebrate is how they get to entertain themselves and those who pen these scripts know how to weave the tales as they’ve been doing it since back when and the older the trick, the more people fall for it because it can’t be that old, they think, for so many people to hook line and sink. so they take a quick nibble and are hooked by what they see:

A black cube of a screen sprinkled with RGB that makes them laugh, makes the scream, allows them to dare to dream and for 90 minute slices they can be someone else entirely with a life not so prosaic and formulaic as they one they’re trying desperately to escape. Thing is they’ll look every which way but within because such is the nature of indoctrinated ignorance which trained them since they set foot inside this realm and says “Forget everything else, get a load of this”. And from then on it never quits as one becomes what they’re around and peoples spiritual immune systems long since stopped functioning and now what was once a different kind of species is a host to something else but most don’t care, nor comprehend as they’re too busy entertaining themselves to death.

Till we meet again

Sign O The Times

If you change with the times, how will you know the times have changed? Let that reverberate around your brain next time you chase a trend, attempt to fit in or do what everyone else is doing. In many ways the current mess we’re in is due exactly to this and the rift it brings as many thousands of years later the aftershock is felt by those who aren’t entirely numb to the present. Not only that but consider this:

In the pyramid those sitting at the top are less whilst there are a few more influencers in the mid who do as instructed in order to keep the cash flowing. Beneath them the herd congregate, en masse, as they run first this way then that. Know why they do this? Because they have nothing even vaguely resembling a Centre. No knowledge of Self. No point of reference that is fixed. Sad, because each child is born with this ineffable presence that defines their every thought, deed and action before life beats, trains or cajoles it out of them. This is how Slaves are built because we are all Warriors when we first step into this realm but very, very few manage to keep the frequency rising and thus they sink low, play their position and hope one day to ascend to a position of prominence which brings false satisfaction at best as “Is this it?” reverberates around the heads of those who heavily invest in what someone else tells them is the way to live.

Anyone who hands you a belief system is a not a friend. Everything in your head is distorted at best, if not downright fabricated and you are currently your own worst enemy in this realm. Some of you may have realized this. The rest will not comprehend even if they come face to face with it. If you won’t then leave and never come back again because you’re about to witness the strength of willhelp as me, we, you – Its all one and the same thing.

You are another me, as we once said.

Till we meet again

The Opponent Inside Your Head

For those that decide to spend the next six months challenging themselves they may notice that this is the first time they come face to face with their Opponent who has spent his entire life enusuring they are his Victim. What do I mean by this? Simple, you know exactly what you need to do to feel fulfilled, what the key of life is for the song you wish to sing as the lyrics were etched into your consciousness before you’d even taken a step. What prevents this from manifesting? What provides diversions, time and time again? What makes you think you can’t do it so why even attempt?

The Opponent.

Your Opponent.

This is what will separate the wheat from the chaff within the next six. Those who speak about it from those who be about it and make it happen. See, the Opponent sees the world but the world sees him not. Apart from the Warrior and small child (there really is no difference) as they spot the pretender attempting to wear a mask that looks like them, talks like them and directs their attention. This is part of what I spoke of previously as The Dual Reality Principle aka the world thats been pulled over your eyes and keeps you comfortably miserable and numb to your true potential. Thats the song you wish to sing. Thats the steps you know well but haven’t danced yet. Well, here, now, at this very moment the cosmos is blowing favorable winds that will help you if you attempt but I thought it best to mention this because some will face the Opponent early on so they won’t even attempt. Others will take a few steps and then become discouraged a few will really want to realize their Higher Self but will be mystified as they keep on pouring their energy, day out, day in, into totally frivolous things.

Some may find their anxiety ramps at the thought of this and they’ll reach for the crutch of drugs, sex, alcohol, masturbation, video games, excessive net browsing and whatever else you use to distract you from your purpose.

Many are called but only a few choose themselves and take what they think they know about what they think to know to war. If that sounds a bit dramatic fear not, it isn’t. It sums it up perfect because if you, right now, are not living the life you always envisioned and know full well you are capable of creating then it shows the problem is how you’ve been going about it based on whats in your head. For all Slaves this is one hundred percent garbage as this is the manure upon which the weeds of the Opponent feed and choke off the roses that once filled the garden of Inner Sense you’ve long forgotten. These are deeper topics and bridges you’ll cross as you progress but in reality its all interlinked. Like that Ether, the stuff that makes your Soul glow but only if you know how to remove the blocks that impede and create the Adulterated beings who walk around aimlessly as they’re a few spots below the frequency and can’t vibe to the words they’re reading. If this describes you then leave. There is nothing here for you at your current state of devolved awareness.

If you’re still reading and feel what I’ve said inside your chest and know you are capable of far more than you’ve manifested so far in this realm then remember what I said about meeting your Opponent. Some people have found it handy to keep a log of its tricks as they can vary from person to person but one you spot its hooks sliding in and the shiny lure thats dangled you can exercise your free will (actually that is Free Won’t – we’ll uncover that truth as we go) and pick a better option.

Either way those of you who rise to challenge will be undoubtedly awakening the Warrior within and thats when things get hyper-dimensional and very, very interesting as you see what a crock of ish is poured into most Slaves heads as they mistake accepted ignorance for wisdom and why this realm is such a mess. But, all thats to come. Its up to you to take the first steps so remember to make your prime point of focus and motivator of actions to be based solely around that inner talent, skill, ability or power it is you wish to bring to this realm as you do what is needed to crack the egg of limits you previously lived within. Sure it can be scary to leave the velvet lined rut of a predictable existence but without that how do you hope to grow and spread your wings?

The Opponent is the one who wishes for you to live and die with your music within, unexpressed, but it is also the same force that turns coals to diamonds for those who can handle the pressure which is exactly what will be coming to this realm within the next six so batten down your hatches, keep your focus, stay on your purpose and declare war on any old limits, habits, distractions and anything that isn’t in your best interests. This includes people as well. Drop em like a bad habit. Its time to become Centered in Self.

Actually, thats a great hint about the Opponent because you’ve be indoctrinated to think that one who is that is bad, greedy, selfish and such things but you ask any martial artist, kid who learned to ride a bicycle or even one who took those first steps and they’ll tell you its all about balance. And how do you find this?

By being Centered in Self. So if you fall, dust yourself off and get back on it again because there is no failure in this realm, only feedback. At least, thats how the Warrior sees it.

Till we meet again

Lunar Eclipse? And So It Begins…

Personally and as a collective we are entering a new octave. Can you hear the key of life shifting to a fresh perspective? Maybe not yet if you’re as sensitive as a house brick but those who can felt it kick as the lunar eclipse did its thing because that celestial aspect represents the mind in this realm.

Interesting, isn’t it? How a part of it remains hidden whilst the percent that is visible waxes and wanes from full to invisible yet always present, night and day. Come Twenty Five you’ll look back at this message and out at a world that has shifted in ways you can’t currently imagine and that is when the next eclipse kicks in and we do it all again. Welcome to the quickening.

In the interim I advise you to pick one thing. Something constructive, beneficial and worth putting the effort in. You already know what it is. You’ve tried to rev its engine on previous occasions and now it sits on the shelf of your awareness. Now is the time. This is the moment. Bring it out. Develop it. Share it with reckless abandon.

Those three years are going to pass real quick and what is planted now will allow you to reap a thousandfold interest, especially if its creative or of social benefit. Consider the next six months as an incubation period and way to overcome the resistance and inertia which kept you distracted and unfulfilled. Piece by piece, step by step. Every day, in every way, better yourself. The key is to take what you know you should handle and invest some dedicated time, effort and attention in to give it strength. You will, in effect, rebirth yourself. What will happen around Spring is that you’ll have generated an immense amount of momentum that will propel you toward the next lunar eclipse in Twenty Twenty Fifth with effortless strength as the new season of the Game of Souls kicks in after this intermission we’re witnessing whilst the Old World Order draws to an end. By then everyone will catch the drift that the winds of change beget but only those who listened to what I said will be sitting in the orchard of tress that sprung from the seeds of their intent as they gladly eat and share the fruits of their labor with those around them wondering how they managed to ascend with such perfect timing and presence.

Its time to shed that old skin, shake those limits off your Self and place the eggs of your attention, effort and skill into the one basket you’ve always felt would be the best use of your talents.

I’ll keep this missive tight, concise and on target because I’m busy doing what I said and just wanted to drop this hint, a prod in the best direction those who’ve been riding the bench. Its time. Leave the rest of the distractions that serve no higher purpose. Same with the relationships that don’t uplift. Disconnect from anything and anyone who isn’t in your best interests. No need to explain or regret. You need all the energy and focus you can marshal and those who heed this wisdom will look back from the next and say “Yes. I’m glad I listened”.

Till we meet again

Alan Moore: “Superhero movies are a precursor to fascism”

If I had an award that said “Most obvious statement ever that is ignored by all” I’d hand it to Mr Moore for this because it hits several nails on the head at once that will cause the modern infantile and regressed to yelp like hit dogs hollering. People simply don’t want to see it but to me it was obvious back when Harry Potter started getting major hits and every other Adulterated human was clutching at this book filled with magic, morality and hopefulness like modern day Bibles. It actually is scripture in a sense, just updated and flipped for the modern palette as the escapism is Self evident.

Post Two Thousand and One society hasn’t been the same since the global trauma games were dialed up to eleven, down to nine then back up again with a few repeating sevens thrown in for good luck because people simply don’t comprehend the wars that are being waged on many frontiers at once in order to ensure their awareness oscillates at the lower end of the scale where fear dominates. Can you imagine a thirty five year old man in Nineteen Eighty Six reading about the adventures of a schoolboy wizard and his friends? How ridiculous is that pic? It just doesn’t compute because the pieces don’t fit. Know why? They were far more healthier – mentally, physically, spiritually, take your pick – than modern generations who have been filled to the brim with various forms of toxins and pollutants since their inception and then marched out into a world that currently offers dopamine hits for the best performing circus animals who are willing to do whatever it takes for those likes. Once again, take it back to your parents generation of those before them – Can you imagine them gurning in photo like those Youtube idiots?

Infantile regression.

What shrinks on one side expands on the other as one strives for balance and the immense uptick in superhero consumption (which was originally a niche aimed at prepubescent boys to scratch that fantasy itch of stepping into the shoes they wished to fill and feel powerful) is a blatant symptom of this. Look around at the current generation upwards of twenty six and you’ll see exactly what I mean about the regression as the net has turned the world into a High School popularity contest with its bands and cliques. The nerds finally get their revenge as they make up the blue haired Cancel gang, the beautiful are praised for just existing as people follow behind them and way, way down at the end are the intellectuals who like to pretend they’re too cool for this. Its interesting that people don’t want solutions. They just want their worldview confirmed no matter how miserable it feels to live a life of inner emptiness due to constant image building to impress others stuck in the web and doing the same thing. Or how much they’ll deny the truth of this as they manufacture proof and lie to themselves.

Bread and circuses.

Nothing has changed since the Romans, except these days we crucify folks online from behind the safety of a screen as they’re ripped apart by digital lions that wouldn’t dare say a thing if they came face to face with the object upon which they’re venting their hate.

Its all within, as I’ve said. The entire Game of Souls takes place inside your awareness hence any time you point a finger at someone else and say “Him, he’s the problem” there are three pointing back at the true cause and solution. Dealing with this fills Slaves with an immense sense of dread as it requires swallowing the bitter pill that opens their eyes to their true predicament and this is easily hidden when others are echo chambering, back slapping and crusading.

What does this have to do with staring at a black mirror for ninety minutes as it shuffles pixels to rearrange your consciousness or diving into the world of wizards aimed at ten year old kids when you’re supposed to be fully grown but are actually Adulterated? Everything.

The collective has been traumatized, par excellence, and its all trundling along just as expected because Slaves are programmed in accordance with the wishes of their Masters who control all that enters their awareness and thus forms their concepts. Its actually an old pimps trick in which he would create the problem for his girl, await her reaction then swoop in with a solution. The original “superheroes” from Babylon are still present and correct and not a thing has changed since then because the oldest tricks are so effective and immense that over 81% of the populace fall for it. You included.

If you look at your choices in media consumption they can tell you a lot about the terrain of your inner realm. This is the underlying premise of religion, the original opiate of the masses, which has been switched for the digital dopamine factory instead. Its pimpin, pimpin! Ain’t nothing changed but the sprinkles and the suckers born every moment who fall for the tricks and one glance at what is popular tells you a whole load about the collective which is why I’ll say again:

Infantile regression.

Social media is filled with people throwing tantrums like little kids and its not just accepted and normalized but seemingly expected. Know why? It offers a vent. Its needed to release the pressure within as it allows one to project that the problem lies outside them when the truth is much different. Same with this uptick in superhero movies as it allows the old “God will save us, he said!” commandment to be itched via the same old methods in a new dress. Except this time it comes in ninety minute hits filled to the gills with flashy gimmicks that are built up on the skeletons of old comic tropes aimed at kids. What does this say of the collective intellect and general acumen?

People don’t want to hear this. They’ll rail, gnash and wail at what is Self evident for anyone with even a little insight into themselves because they enjoy their escapism. Thing is its just a treadmill. There is no progress. You don’t get anywhere because you’re not addressing the problem within which is the traumatization of generations and its consequences that created the world we’re living in. Just as intended.

Hippies were given a manufactured revolution that nipped their movement quick and with surgical, chemically assisted precision. The inner cities were handed narcotics and weapons for similar reasons. The fat of the land who had no real reason to rebel but still felt a nagging sense of discomfort within were gifted the internet and the rest is history in the making because it won’t be long before you’re jacked in at birth and carbon based lifeforms transition to silicon as the ultimate form of escapism.

Where does fascism fit into all of this? Simple:

Anything you don’t accept within Self can and will be used as a weapon of coercion and influence that will bend your intent to anothers whim and have you telling yourself this is how you wanted it. Mind control, par excellence, and thats a realm I happen to have first hand experience in because there are those of us who like to peep the code of the matrix and see beyond this realm in order to make sense of the paradigm which looks suspiciously like a fix because “Heads you lose, tails we win” is the sort of double bind they’re offering in this cosmic casino of the senses that rewards ignorance and punishes the one asking the right questions as those with possessions steal from those with less and call it good business.

The more and more brutal the world gets – or, to be more accurate, the more brutal they can make you think it is – the greater the need and desire for escapism. The net brings the demand for perfection to the forefront as well as the normalization of disfunction as a new global standard and add this up with the increased day to day stresses that all your streams and news can channel into your awareness along with your very own traumatic inheritance plus ignorance masquerading as wisdom and surface level solutions that manage symptoms without addressing the root cause of the problem and you get the world we’ve got where people are looking outside of themselves for solutions.

Movies prime the mind via fiction that then is repetitively ingrained into heads so that when the “real world” brings problems the pimps programming pops up and says “I know the solution” and uses that as a frame of reference. What is the equivalent of a superhero in this day and age? Aliens? Those who possess superhuman powers and resources? Magical abilities? The strength to punish the bad and protect the rest from their corrosive influence?

“Fear not, little regressives” the man behind the curtain says “We have the solution”. COVID was a perfect example of this because it showed how easily the collective could be manipulated to act in ways against their best interests and then deny what was actually happening due to the level of investment they’d placed in the official version of events that were programmed into their heads. Some are waking up to this fact as those previous “Heroes” of the NHS were told to get jabbed or get gone after their loyal service and now it comes out that said injections were next to worthless and actually injurious to your health as the restrictions vanish and its back to business as the collective await the next big thing that will have them urinating on themselves at the thought of extinction.

See why the superhero thing is way more than people currently suspect? Can you see the brave new world that we as a collective are building out of fear and ignorance for our children to inherit? The solution to all of this is complete, unconditional acceptance of the Self. Knowing you know nothing and being willing to question everything just like your inner child did back when is the key to the kingdom within. This is the kind of regression (and progression) I can get behind as it fixes so many ills because the foundations of your messed up state were laid in childhood and the tragic comedy of your existence as a Slave is built upon it.

Most flinch at the thought of this and this is why the System and its programming is so effective because 81% accept it without thinking. They Thunk instead. The other 11% had a chance of seeing the Game for what it is but chose to hoodwink themselves by enlisting in a paradigm known for parlor tricks, theatricality and deception but no real solutions or involution. The remaining 8% are hated by by the rest because they refuse to bend the knee and reject the programming and thus see the fact that Emperor is undressed as they don’t buy into the narrative the world tries to spin in your awareness as they see the Game for what it is and know they are an aspect of the unfinite that exists before and after this realm and its journey into the carbon based experience as told by the five sensory thieves and filters of consciousness.

That is involution. That is spirituality at its rawest and untainted. That is true growth versus being Adulterated and the lack of this generates a life in the Valley of the Plebs surrounded by bleating man-children (or whatever your gender preference) who are so caught up in the bread and circuses they never stopped to question “Who built this? To what end?” as well as the million dollar question that can unravel all of these loose ends that the narrative attempts to weave into a tight noose around the collectives neck:

“Who am I?”

And there we have it. What if I told you you were the superhero? That your current form and awareness possess powers that would seem miraculous compared to what you’ve been lead to believe? That via the process of spiritual alchemy one can transcend this dimension and experience the golden age within that never left but was Adulterated like water being added to milk so that which was once full and rich is now flat and thin. Tell me that doesn’t describe your inner realm? A tiny fraction of you reading this will be honest enough to nod your head at the behest of your chest which gets exactly what I mean because the fact of the matter is this:

The Game of Souls plays out inside your awareness. I am simply an aspect of you that is saying what you long suspected but didn’t have the courage to voice to yourself about your predicament due to having spent a lifetime being indoctrinated by the System which switched out thinking for Thunking as you rearrange preformed bricks of concepts and call that free will as the shackles around your awareness clank and tinkle as you sit in the Mind Made Prison. Freedom is an inside job and no one but your Self can break you from the cell of ignorance within which you sit. Your media choices reflect this real well so next time you indulge think:

“What am I gaining from this? What do I identify with? What is the itch being scratched?” along with “In which ways is this an inversion, projection and parallel of my own life at this very moment?”. This line of thinking can generate immense dividends and if it brings pain to your head or an angry internal narrative about daring to think like this then congratulate yourself as you’ve just bumped into the System and its programming that controls you from within and this is one and only true Opponent in this realm who desires nothing less than to make you his perpetual Victim by divorcing you from your strength in exchange for labels and projections as opposed to the real, unfinite experience and strength within.

Till we meet again