Silent Nation

I am the voice of the voiceless. Those that still feel within, even though they live in this world of sin in which daring to be different is something they won’t let you think, let alone envsion. Neither can you state the obvious about the madness within which we swim and how it’s evidently getting thick.

“Just shut up and obey” is the message they’ve been pouring into your head since you first were plugged in to a system that cares not one bit about you beyond what you can do for it. There it is, I said it and you know you all feel the truth deep within. The once and future King said a similar thing and they crucified him for daring to step off script and that is due to the way the world is because of the tyranny of evil men who exist purely to destroy innocence and promulgate foolishness instead so that those who still have a finger-hold on sanity left quietly question, to themselves “That can’t be right, can it?”.

Most dare not express that which shows they think different because it’s all about fitting in. Especially on the net where there are demons baying for flesh who look around for someone to avenge. When in reality its all about releasing the vent on their own inadequateness – that they’d never admit to themselves and yet is obvious in an instant to anyone who sees the real person behind the image – and not the all powerful creation online they’re digitally cosplaying as an adjunct to their futile existence.

In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. The thing is with that the very revolution is a trap as it rolls around the map and brings you right back to where you stand, ready for another lap. A perpetual motion machine fuelled by the ignorance of saps who know not where or what they are beyond the labels fed to them and programmed deep within.

What you’re looking for is a spiral. Involution beyond the flesh where each circuit lighting up brings a new pespect as you see through a clearer lens until at the end you ditch that as well as you simply feel everything with a vividness that transcends the split the senses bring as there is only one electromagnetic spectrum we dance in, one point of origin and yet there are multiple versions of self but only one true Self.

I came not to bow but to conquer my friend. Freedom is an inside job and I’m going to share the steps it takes to ascend as there is simply too much beauty within to spend your life surrounded by ugliness.

Till we meet again

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