Lunar Eclipse? And So It Begins…

Personally and as a collective we are entering a new octave. Can you hear the key of life shifting to a fresh perspective? Maybe not yet if you’re as sensitive as a house brick but those who can felt it kick as the lunar eclipse did its thing because that celestial aspect represents the mind in this realm.

Interesting, isn’t it? How a part of it remains hidden whilst the percent that is visible waxes and wanes from full to invisible yet always present, night and day. Come Twenty Five you’ll look back at this message and out at a world that has shifted in ways you can’t currently imagine and that is when the next eclipse kicks in and we do it all again. Welcome to the quickening.

In the interim I advise you to pick one thing. Something constructive, beneficial and worth putting the effort in. You already know what it is. You’ve tried to rev its engine on previous occasions and now it sits on the shelf of your awareness. Now is the time. This is the moment. Bring it out. Develop it. Share it with reckless abandon.

Those three years are going to pass real quick and what is planted now will allow you to reap a thousandfold interest, especially if its creative or of social benefit. Consider the next six months as an incubation period and way to overcome the resistance and inertia which kept you distracted and unfulfilled. Piece by piece, step by step. Every day, in every way, better yourself. The key is to take what you know you should handle and invest some dedicated time, effort and attention in to give it strength. You will, in effect, rebirth yourself. What will happen around Spring is that you’ll have generated an immense amount of momentum that will propel you toward the next lunar eclipse in Twenty Twenty Fifth with effortless strength as the new season of the Game of Souls kicks in after this intermission we’re witnessing whilst the Old World Order draws to an end. By then everyone will catch the drift that the winds of change beget but only those who listened to what I said will be sitting in the orchard of tress that sprung from the seeds of their intent as they gladly eat and share the fruits of their labor with those around them wondering how they managed to ascend with such perfect timing and presence.

Its time to shed that old skin, shake those limits off your Self and place the eggs of your attention, effort and skill into the one basket you’ve always felt would be the best use of your talents.

I’ll keep this missive tight, concise and on target because I’m busy doing what I said and just wanted to drop this hint, a prod in the best direction those who’ve been riding the bench. Its time. Leave the rest of the distractions that serve no higher purpose. Same with the relationships that don’t uplift. Disconnect from anything and anyone who isn’t in your best interests. No need to explain or regret. You need all the energy and focus you can marshal and those who heed this wisdom will look back from the next and say “Yes. I’m glad I listened”.

Till we meet again

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