I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself

You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do. Last month I stated, publicly and on the record, that I would update this site continually for a 21 period. That I did and those events set into motion the next event I’ve been working on since we last kicked it and will be pouring into your awareness with a quickness. In the mean time think about this:

I want you to find something you know you should do. Something thats been calling to you but somehow you continually seem to forget to check it off the list as you’re busy caught up in the business of living. This thing – you already know what it is, it popped into your head before you read this and as you progress the steps to make it happen are solidifying along with your intent to accept this challenge – has been patiently waiting for you to make it happen. No one else but you can so take this as your call to action. Remember, mediocrity comes easy and doesn’t cost a thing but excellence often looks like hard work and most people are scared to win. Its odd when you think of it but then a quick glance at the world and its self evident as those who risk the effort get the rewards as well. Beautifully simple. You get what you expect so place higher standards on your Self. To that end we’ll do this:

That thing that has been solidifying in its will to make it happen is now at the top of your list. You will clear a space in your schedule and do it. But before you even take that step you’ll have to tell someone else. Make it public and there has to be a consequence, say, “For the next 21 days I will (do this) and if I make a misstep I will (not do something)”. The latter has to be something you enjoy and would really miss and also for a 21 day period. It could be sex, chocolate, going to the gym. I’m sure thats enough for inspiration. Whatever you pick it must be solid and something whose absence will be felt as this is the motivation that helps the challenge manifest the results you’ve been seeking and thus you end up with a win/win/win. Why the extra one thrown in? Simple, not only do you progress from thinking to doing in one project, you also discover a deeper appreciation of whats at risk and put it all together you build up a sense of purpose, action and discipline that leads to greater confidence and develop strengths you are currently unaware rest within, awaiting activation.

It truly is a gift that keeps on giving but the most amazing thing isn’t even what I’ve said but something you’ll discover for yourself as at some point in the 21 Day Challenge you’ll find an inspiration pops in that spurs evolution and you’ll wish to step into it immediately. Take to air as the lift it brings is something else as you receive so much by giving. But this is where discipline kicks in. So you quickly sketch the inspiration as the basis of your next Challenge whilst keeping this one ticking. Can you say “Perpetual motion in full effect?” because thats exactly what it is and you’ll have to test it for yourself. If you miss, reset. Start the 21 again. So to recap:

1) Decide on a task you wish to make happen.
2) State publicly your intent and length of Challenge.
3) Note to yourself what you’ll forfeit if you don’t stick to the script.
4) If you slip restart from nothing with new at risk until all twenty one are ticked.
5) ????? (Always leave room for the unexpected to bring something amazing in).
6) Profit.

There it is. Right now its just an idea. A concept. A potential awaiting you to step in and fill it with your energy and action. Once you do you’ll notice the spiral effect as challenge begets strength which combines to gift progress. Its such a simple thing but in that 21 you’ll learn so much about yourself as you’ll witness first hand the inwardly divided and dual selves I’ve mentioned which are all fighting for your attention. Some will make excuses because they’re scared to win. Others will encourage because they want the best for you and them. The only one you should listen to and the hardest to hear is the feltsense. You’ll know it when you find it as its like a beacon of guidance whereas before you were just grasping in an artificially darkened awareness. That is what then guides the next steps and once you witness this the outer world can’t help but shift because you’re coming from a place you didn’t previously know existed and this is the the difference that makes all the difference. Make it happen. This instant. Challenge yourself.

Till we meet again

This is your Life

“All I saw was my life flash before my eyes. I was certain I’d died but then there was a bright light at the end of a tunnel that was radiating pure lxve that I was drawn toward. I felt like I’d been welcomed with open arms. There was something so familiar yet totally new, like observing an unknown view I somehow already knew…”.
Says every near death experiencer, ever. Get the picture?

In between minds and in the mean time add in all of the familiar elements and signs that are mimed, well and often, outside to prevent you breaking the spell of the five sensory thieves. Designed by the fourth realm processors to render into play a three dimensional algorithm that splits your unfinite awareness into two opposing polarities of spin, encased in DNA, like a metaphysical prism which isolates aspects of the inherently indivisible to give birth to the one life of limitation you’re currently only partially aware of living.

You now realize: This is the Game. This is what you’re within. Being in and of it have differing implications as its all about wavelength and where you sit on the spectrum of Self. Only one, still in the center, but many mill around the edge finding their heads spin at the implications of what they just read…

How many times have you remembered to forget death? How many times have you inserted another credit instead of heading hearting for the exit? How many lives have you read this piece of text? Care to recollect?

Till we meet again

Would you Upload your Mind to the Net?

In a few decades or so when the web has closed its digital grip on the minds of those who still dwell upon this planet would you, if offered, jump at the chance to upload your awareness online. Full-time. The real you would be held in a suspended state just above dead that would prevent malfunction and ageing by freezing you instead. Your awareness however would live full time in the web for as long as your provider cashed the cheques otherwise they’d eject and throw you back into flesh. Into a world where the net is something you connect vs exist solely within.

Tim is 106 years old and he is quite rich. So much so that he was handpicked to try out this tech because he’d had a scare about his health. “The deal is this, Sir Tim, its like being given a second chance to live again. You know VR has progressed since the 20s when it was primitive, its now better than the real thing. Come on, lets give it a spin” says the Tech as he augments his awareness. “I can’t tell the difference” states Tim “Are you sure its working?”. The Tech just looks at him and grins then hands over a mirror to glance in. A young girl, Asian stares back at him. “What the…You mean to tell me we’re in…” he begins as his mind starts racing “But my pitch, I still hear the same…” “Voice in your head? Thats an old habit and now you’ve noticed it the shift will kick in” “Ah yes” Tim thinks, in a more feminine lilt, and jumps up with a spring. “I can’t believe how I’m feeling, I half expected the pain in my leg and its weird that its missing. Look how lithe I am, so supple and free. It all seems so real… And yet I’m still me. What amazing technology”.

The Tech smiled at Tim, he knew he had him as the slide to digital is so efficient because you can mimic almost everything within with enough pixels and processing. Plus the mind fills in the gaps not yet coded when it becomes part of the algorithm as it projects and extends the neural net with its own overlay and patterns. “I’ll take it” says Tim as they begin to prepare the process to freeze his flesh. “A second chance to live again, looking however I wish” he thinks to himself “I’ll look young but have the wisdom of experience. Sure its expensive but I worked hard for my fortune and the rest will still get an inheritance” then a new thought creeps in “Actually I might end up outliving them as my flesh will only age at 1/10th of what it usually did so who knows by the time I drop out of the web it might be so advanced that I can buy a new body as well. Its a win/win” he thinks, further selling the idea he’s already bought to himself.

The implications are startling but best believe its all happening. You can already see the hints as they’re not hidden or fake gimmicks based on pretending like science fiction on TV. The question I have for you is this:

Would you do it if you were Tim? Tech has progressed so he is quite sprightly in the flesh but that pesky telomere limit means the Jellyfish Program isn’t for him as he’s already snipped and can’t just rollback like these new modern kids who were born implanted with eternal life as a gift from their parents but always spent it all jacked in. “What a waste” he thinks. Only one way for him and thats death. “Within 2 decades at best” his pricey specialist had said.

What would you do, given the chance he’s tasted? Of trading one shell for the next but with a continuation of awareness in a pixelated reimagining of the world you just left. Sounds like a great deal, yes? Would you take it or object? Ask yourself whilst we head back to Tim:

“That’s a rather catchy name for your business” he says whilst the logo on top of the pod glistens as he prepares himself for suspension. “Yes” says the Tech “We’re rather proud of it ourselves as it does what it says on the tin when it comes to the human experience of living on a planet, in the flesh” “Yes, indeed” says Tim with a grin “Well, plug me in. The Game of Souls is waiting!”

Till we meet again

Know Thyself

There is only one question worth asking in this world and its the one that holds the answers to all that you seek.

Who am I?

A simple question but like so many other natural things it’s been obscured beneath layers of deceit that have been weaved so tightly to make you believe things as they aren’t instead of what they’ve always been and can still be.

This simple question, it holds the key that only you can turn and set yourself free. So take a moment and ask yourself, at this monumentous time in your life, who are you really? Deep down inside?

It takes a lot of self honesty to walk upon this Path when delusion is the lingua franca, defacto coin of the realm. So take a moment and ask yourself how much do you have invested in this limited concept of yourself and then step back and ask why do you believe these things? Do they help? Do they limit? Do they allow you to live as you wish to live or is there a nagging emptiness below the neck that nothing ever truly seems to fill even though you try your best to keep it hidden?

We are about to get in to a journey which covers the depths of the lies that mankind has denied haven’t been fabricated by those who’d rather they toe the line than claim their heritage for what you will discover within is something that can’t be denied. A gram of experience over a kilo of hearsay, every time, in my eyes, veins and mind. Once you reconnect to Self then you’ll know exactly what is meant by a higher state of awareness as the state is self-evident in contrast to what you currently possess. That question once again:

Who am I?

From where do the ideas about this concept spring? From our family, friends, neighbours and associates? The media, the press, movies and what some “stars” said? A deity via religion with either guidelines or commandments you’re expected to color within or be punished at the end? How has all of that been working for you? Be honest with your Self.

This simple loose thread in our lives represents a powerful wind that can both blow gusto back in your sails and bring an end to the structures of deception aka the house of cards built to hide the truth within. Reality is an illusion that makes sense only when witnessed through the forced perspective it is mandated you live. A shift that way or this is like a gust of wind that brings it all toppling, leaving you wondering why you didn’t think to question the nature of the illusion you’re trapped within.

Solutions cannot be built at the same level problems were created. Transcend to ascend, my friend, by looking within and asking yourself:

Who am I?

Three words that hold the key to your connection to your Self, the relationship to your body, your friends, family and the entire realm with all things with, way beyond the boundaries which were placed in your head when you met the System. So ask yourself:

Who am I?

Listen to what is said then question it again and again until there is only one answer left that you can certainly express then we shall commence upon an Inventure to come face to face with your inherent magnificence, as well as the true nature of this realm. Liberate from within all about which I’ve been speaking since we commenced this experiment and you’ll find a strength you may be surprised to realize you possessed, creativity unfinite as well along with a real mode of being, not just a mask and a shell. No more fabricated image needed once you have emancipated Self and are embodied in resonance.

Till we meet again

You’re not in Shelbyville any more, Toto

I previously spoke of a man piecing together a puzzle in the dark. He sits there alone, on the floor of his palatial home waiting for a glimpse that will assist him in making sense of his predicament when, right on cue, comes a flash of the inner light which changes the way he views everything in life. It’s a moment of wonder, to be sure, and not one most can digest as folk are loathe to question or dive in to the depths and examine the thoughts and concepts that make them. One could extract from this its why we immediately dislike anyone who is like ourselves as aspects of our individuality feel the implicit threat to their supposed uniqueness. The Simpsons illustrated this well:

Matter of fact there is so much wisdom packed into what people call entertainment that many just miss it. Notice how boundaries, imaginary lines and permission are such a big thing for the boys looking down whilst the girls attention is skyward and enjoy every minute without hesitation or limit.

This speaks on deeper topics of the differences between the ways men and women see things and we’ll get into this when we delve into the nature of relationships and what it means when Yang meets Yin because that really is the key that underpins existence. For the moment, consider this:

As it too speaks volumes on what I said about the nature of identity and how it perceives threat due to resonance of subconscious concepts. See most wander through this realm wonder why another doesn’t “get them” when in reality it is they who don’t comprehend themselves. It’s like I said previously in a vid “Fear is a street sign on the way to power” so success manifests when you overcome the lowest aspects of your self as that is when you have the comprehension to shift into that higher state of consciousness. You could reason that everything is as intended. But even that statement has immense implications for anyone who wishes to dig into why the System conspires to shape and influence the lives of those wandering this realm with their unfinite awareness tamped in to the Earthday Suit they know as them.

Best believe everything is connected, the trick is to spot the linkage and decode the signal because todays events have offered me insight and inspiration about new directions for both myself and this project. Yesterday offered a hint about the journey within your temple and getting to know your Self in the most intimate sense. Today offered a preview of a deeper glimpse into the riddle of self concepts as defined by the media circus that we shall fully delve into as and when, but for now consider this:

There is a deep psychological need that your favorite TV show or movie fills which, if you stop to consider for a moment, can offer you a great hint into the depths of your awareness as all is a projection of your inner realm. Put it like this, if Bruce Wayne were sitting and chilling in his mansion by himself after a dark night of fighting crime he’d most likely be watching something like The Notebook or Jerry Maguire to assuage the relationship void within that his life choices and imprints won’t allow him to access and yet still need to be fulfilled.

This is a hugely important topic when it comes to this stage of the Game. For best return on investment see what happens when you apply this template I’ve just penned to your own awareness and choices in entertainment as there is inversion, introjection and projection at play. To become familiar with the process is to loosen it’s grip on the immense and naturally abundant resources hidden within. So take heed and apply then allow your wealth to rise and shine as you share your magnificence, optimism and confidence as you manifest the change you wish to gift to those who most need it.

Till we meet again

How to Sit Still and Enjoy it

The Yin/Yang contains within its design everything you could need to know about life. The interplay of dark and light, polarities combined which generate the spin as they divide and hide the shine within from which it’s all derived and orbits. That non-dual state that sits in the mid and thus doesn’t move as everything rotates around it, eternally unchanging. One should, in all things, strive to find this balance. This sense of centering as the Zero Point is where it all happens and it’s all about this connection. How can you feel this?

Sit down in a chair where your back isn’t supported so your spine is held erect purely by your own tone then feel your sit bones spread onto the bench as you imagine there is a golden string at the very top of your head. Allow this to stretch your spine as it uplifts. When done correct it feels like your vertebrae have room to breathe, no longer compressed. Also you’ll feel your chin slightly tuck in as the back of your neck extends, all pulled by the golden string. At the same time place your shoulders down into their sockets so the scapula rests and your arms will then, of their own accord, start to relax as you find your chest and belly doing the same thing.

Play around with this space. Think of it as mind body training in which you’re creating a path to your inner realm just by taking the journey combined with your intent. Remember, there aren’t any failures when it comes to this, only feedback that continually refines the process. You will find the bodies wisdom chips in and it may spontaneously adjust your position so listen as it’s all about communication and dropping resistance.

Get comfortable in it and then once you’re there say quietly to your Self in your head “I am centering” and notice what happens. It may be a little, may be immense. Either way you’ll sense the shift and now have a comparator to the usual way you sit. Feel free to repeat and affirm “I am centering” as and when needed as you’ll be chipping away at old holding patterns and recalibrating your awareness and embodiment to gracefully sync.

This is quite simple and basic but it is an amazing experience, none the less, as all that follows spring from the gift of a centered presence of resonance with Self. Once you get into the groove of this you’ll find each session increases the sensations of centering as it’s an incremental thing. Below are the guided instructions to assist you as you sit and ease into the moment:

Till we meet again

Do Something Nice for Yourself

Go ahead, you deserve it. Treat yourself to something nice, relaxing, a better feeling. Something you’ve been craving. Think of it like this:

If you don’t, who will? No one is the answer and you already know this. And yet you rush around putting everyone first and then wonder why you come last. It’s a thankless task and yet so many engage in it. Well, today try something different. Do for you. Go get a massage, take a walk in the park, draw a long bath filled with oils and whatnot. Buy yourself a gift, treat yourself. You’re worth it. Maybe go out for a meal. Do what you feel and have wanted for for so long. Know why? It benefits everyone in the long run.

See, we seek happiness in others and forget it originates in Self, ergo the treat signals a sense of care many can’t bestow upon themselves. Thats like two empty cups meeting and both saying “Got a sip?”. You know no one is getting satisfied in that predicament. The psychology behind self-nurture is that first and foremost it acknowledges the awesomeness of your presence and treats it accordingly. Second it gives you a lift which raises the citizenships that float in your drift aka your family and friends by changing how you interact with them. Third, it allows you to release a wonderful set of endorphins generated by something other than notifications telling you you’re liked. Instead, like yourself. Prove it with your actions versus trying to live an image. Ideally don’t Instafacetweet about it, it’s a private event. Between you and your Self.

Once you start making this connection, it will soon pay dividends. You’ll feel a sense of centering that has long been missing. It’s a way to generate equilibrium and this can change trajectory. Just imagine, if the Titanic were to have shifted course by one degree initially it would’ve sailed smoothly across the sea. That is what this is. Small course corrections by indulging yourself as you check in and progress. Ask yourself:

Why do you treat a friend in need who is stressed with far more care and attentiveness than you can lavish upon yourself? When the plane is dipping and the turbulence kicks in they say “Place the mask on yourself and then on your kid“. This is exactly the same principle because this simple act – it doesn’t have to be expensive as I said time in nature just chilling away from tech and breathing in the air just meandering can be so amazing – signals to all listening that “This is time for me”. As it should be, after all the world treats us how we treat ourselves and by taking the time to replenish you find and discover reserves of strength to power you through the next bout of stress with a grin. Know why?

Because you’ve became a team by befriending the Self that sees all but never speaks and is currently might as well be the Ghost in the Machine. The higher aspect we mean when we say “Me” versus the limited “I” everyone percieves externally. Unite them internally and then feel. Give it a try, you’ll see and you won’t be spooked when you perceive that inner state of tranquility that comes to ease no longer being pulled to pieces as you keep striving to achieve so many different goals quickly.

Take time out for Self.

Till we meet again

How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Question yourself to develop inner strength. You are much wiser than you think, actually thats wiser than you allow yourself to know because of a simple trick played upon you by the System which placed an invisible ceiling over your head. When you, as a child tried to jump with the full strength of your developing intellect you smacked into it. No one can see it, no one else said a thing so you thought it best not to question it and instead accepted its limits.

Thats how a flea circus is trained and why they never think to escape the box they’re within because they don’t know the strength of their own legs. In your case its your intellect, all of those latent talents that weren’t part of their curriculum that trained your inner genius in how to fit into a constrained paradigm that also captured your parents attention, way back when. “Run the wheel, human gerbil” says the programming in a million ways, as insidious as it is indirect. Its intent? To divide you from the true power of Self, hence “individual”. More at the link to break that spell.

This is why it’s said “Freedom is an inside job” my friend because none but ourselves can free our minds. I invite you to try something:

Grab a pad and pen. Yes, you heard correct. Tapping keys on a screen won’t work in this experiment because the movement and activation of neuromuscular connections this creates is in many ways the secret sauce that allows the spell to be broken. A good time to give this a spin is just before you turn in. As you’re lying in bed just allow yourself to drift and think of questions you’d like the answers for. Areas where you are seeking solutions. Anything productive you happen to be wondering. Then capture it in ink. The amazing thing is now that concept is real, its out here in this realm and thus your mind can consider it from all aspects due to the increase in perspective.

Thats it. Leave it at that. Rinse and repeat as you wish, some like to check it again as they drift back into consciousness when they rise the next day feeling fresh. A keen few take that moment to write new questions and then take a moment to flick over the past and see what pops into their head as this rested state brings with it an expanded state of awareness and you’ve already primed your consciousness by pushing the pen before you went to bed.

Try it for yourself, it can be a most profitable investment. I’ll give you your starter for ten in case you can’t think freely yet:

What am I missing about this?
What is my best option?
How to overcome this challenge?

And so on, you get my drift. Not only will this shift you away from looking at your phone first and last thing it will also forge a deeper connection between you and your embodied wisdom as you ask questions and it answers. The more you do, the greater the trust builds and soon you will discover the wonders of your inner realm as you commence, happily wandering down the Path of Power to find your Self and obliterate the glass ceiling of limitations placed into your head as you learn to transcend the Systems programming to actualize your highest potent in the flesh by seizing the moment and unwrapping the gift of the present.

Till we meet again

Make Smarter Choices

Haven’t you ever questioned why its like this? Why so much of life is locked behind paywalls and at the same time you’re never taught how to release your potential from within? How many thousands of years have people done what those before them did, even if it is in no ones interests than the ones who first beat your ancestors into submission to exalt themselves.

A man got married to his fine young wife and promised her the best of times and an all round great life. Not long after he gets a raise and brings home some steaks to celebrate. She gets to preparing them and whips out a blade, trimming off a few inches from each lean cut. He doesn’t wish to ruin the day so lets it slide but can’t help but wince as she throws it away. They eat, drink and fornicate. “Life surely is great” he says. Not long after he is promoted again and decides to get the same and some posh wine as well. This time he picks larger cuts and when he gets home notices that once again she chops off and bins a few lean inches but couldn’t bring himself to question as she looked so happy as she cooked. The mans curiosity needs to be sated. “I work hard to generate these wages and each time we celebrate seeing her do this enrages” so he decides to purchase some steaks for no reason.

He comes home and says “Guess what we’re eating?” as he swings the meat in her direction and she replies with a grin “Pay increase again? They should because my man is the best in the kingdom“. “But wait” he says with gentleness, not wishing to offend or ruin the celebration “Please tell me why you trimmed what is already the best cut? I tried to figure it out but it just makes no sense” “Well, growing up I noticed thats what my Mum did so I do to” she says, feeling uncertain of the question “Is there a problem?” “Phone her this instant and ask her the reason” he says, almost too intensely because for so long the question had been swirling round in his head, infuriating him with its presence.

She picks up the phone and dials hesitantly “Mum, when Dad bought home steaks why did you always cut a couple of inch pieces off the edge?” “Huh? Why thats simple, we only had a small frying pan when you were kid and I could’t fit them in. Why are you asking?”.

It really is that simple, my friend. To get the best answers learn to ask the correct questions. Otherwise the script in your head that was penned by you as a kid in a state where observing was acceptance was the main thing will run your existence via its programming. I’ve given you a template that you can now apply to so many things as a lot of what you experience is repetition of old patterns. It’s why one ex is just like the last even though they seemed so different at the beginning. The only common link in the equation is yourself so it really makes sense to self examine otherwise the click-whirr mechanism that exists in your head will do the same again, expecting different results. That is the definition of madness.

Till we meet again

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Everyone has someone who is crazy in their family, they may not be locked up in a padded cell with psychotropics pumped into their flesh to dampen their madness but there is always one who is different. They march to the beat of a drum that is heard only by them and everyone knows who they are as they make no bones about it. To them they’re just being themselves in a world full of people who pretend to be what someone else tells them.

Ain’t that something?

And we think they’re mad. Here’s a little test, I want you, so called sane ones, to examine on an average day with regular events who is happier. You or them? Ahh, see… Can it be so obvious? Why is the so called crazy the first to pop a grin? Best believe they’re way more creative and can get more done with less than you can with the world at your fingertips. Sure, they may occasionally wield a sense of righteousness and anger because they feel no one gets them but you’ve got to admit they bring a shine and colored lights to what would otherwise be a very dull realm because they are simply something else but check it, for a moment imagine they are simply true to themselves whilst you’re pretending to like the socially acceptable mould you were poured in.

See, therein lies the difference because you were formed, your mind built brick by brick, whilst they, on some level, rejected this process and chose to be authentic out and in. Sure to the rest their ramblings and intent may seem odd and chaotic but thats only because you’re living in a realm of standardized madness which the majority accept even though it makes them miserable and feel, every day, like a little bit less of themselves.

So here’s to the crazy ones who intuit the true nature of the System and bring some illumination to their kin purely because they think different. Sure they may not get it but they appreciate it nonetheless as you bring an indomitable spirit that is refreshing to a world thirsting for a drink called being authentic. Whilst they may not be able to express the nature of the System in a way that eloquent that can be poured into your rigid head so you comprehend – after all the amount your mind can flex is reflected by the mobility of your arms, legs, neck, hips, torso and the rest because limits in one impinge the rest.

Back to the loons, you may think they’re missing a nut, bolt or screw in the head but its actually you who is wound so tight that you can no longer engage in the looseness which is your birthright and natural gift. The System is built on rigid shapes with straight lines whilst we were born to be circles. Somethings gotta give… Thing is they know this and the fact that your awareness can be poured into anything and take its shape is what makes us stick because then they drop the temps within as the glow dims, people are frozen solid whilst the crazy heads come equipped with spiritual antifreeze that wouldn’t let the Game do its thing. Therefore they still flow with a freedom which doesn’t fit into a world that runs like a large scale version of Tetris.

Take a moment and remind yourself, it’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a society profoundly sick. The question Slaves never wonder is why it is like this because if they did, they’d flip the script. Take it away, Carlin:

Till we meet again