The Diceman Cometh

What is the single, most beneficial change you have implemented in your life thus far?

Mine has to be removing emotional vampires from my life. No explanation, no reasoning, no nothing. Done. Walk away. 

Energy flows where the attention goes and some folks are evidently null and void within so will drain you with a grin, like a psychopathic abyss. Once you become aware of the concept and truly grok its significance said people can be seen almost reveling in the process and reeling once you disconnect as they are no longer getting what sustains them. 

Its a Bright and Dark Souls thing. We’ll get into that in a moment. For now its intriguing how they seem to have a “type” that is rife with image building and can often be quite brown nosing to those with any kind of power and quick to attempt the besmirchification of another in order to paint themselves in a better light, often at your expense. In that sense they are similar to playground bullies except they evidently never grew out of this stage and built their entire life around it as a central tenet of their existence. Worse still is the gaslighting and manipulation to ensure you remain present in the role of supply to fulfill their needs and how often you’ll seem crazy if you point out how they roll as they’ve built another face to share with the world whereas you see what is truly within as you’ve witnessed, first hand, their savageness. 

Mine was not as a bad as this but its nice to flesh out the details in case anyone reading is actually living in this situation and hasn’t realized it yet as I recently helped a girl comprehend the true nature of her and her families relationship and why she perpetually felt unfulfilled, drained and unable to put her finger on what was wrong whilst being filled with feelings of shame, blame and (often) feeling half crazed as the world says her folks were wonderful when in reality she was trapped inside a living hell. 

She is currently blooming like a flower and as I said “The nature of the lotus is to float above the filth without letting its beauty be contaminated by it” as an alchemical reframe of her life as it was and how it is in order to become more of herself and less of what people had told her she is.

In many ways these energetic burdens we unconsciously accept without protest at the behest of others who may not truly have our best interests beating in their chests can be seen as the root of most problems and suffering in this. Well, actually its ignorance of this process but thats a chicken and egg thing as its hard to see whats invisible, but you feel nonetheless. Part of the problem is that English as a language is woefully inept when it comes to any meaningful exchange which is internally based as its simply not designed that way. This is a huge part of the puzzle and also a reason why its one of the Eight Traits which we’ll be examining shortly in order to peep the state of play.

Like any former addict will attest “You’ve got to see the problem in order to find a solution”. Ironic that that is what alcohol technically is but thats besides the point because in times of global ignorance Self knowledge is a powerful thing and its what you don’t know about what you don’t know that holds most influence and why I say most people are meat puppets that are unconsciously living out scripts. Don’t believe? Find it insulting?

“I don’t know what came over him!” she said as her friend remarked “He’s a totally different person when he…”. Get the message? The language talks. Do you listen? Maybe thats the change you need to bring. To think different. But in order to do that one must first become aware of default mode of processing. Here’s an interesting little experiment to bring some flex (and quite possibly) smiles to your existence.

Take a dice, sides six. Add in a sheaf of paper and sprinkle liberally with ink, creative inspiration and interesting challenge. Write down six options for the day ahead. A sample list may look like this:

1) I will speak only good things.
2) I will be exceedingly direct with my true intent in all events and circumstances.
3) I will personify all of the traits I hate in another when I meet them.
4) I will be incredibly serious and rigid about anything I witness and share my opinion.
5) I will cancel my planned day and set off somewhere at random and see what happens.
6) I will devote myself to solving a problem I’ve been putting off handling.

Don’t use these. The point is to freewheel and see what happens by giving your Inner Sense as chance to get behind the wheel of your consciousness. This is an exceedingly powerful and flexible method of shaking up old Patterns and, as the girl who broke free said, “I feel like a kid again!” after a particularly vigorous dicing session that marked the beginning of her transcendence and simultaneous awakening to new options. Push the pen before going to bed and then, first thing in the AM after rising, give the dice a roll and see what happens from the list.

Bear in mind you are responsible for all that happens because not only does this Game in its entirety play out inside your awareness (ergo I am just a figment of your imagination, made manifest) but the most vital aspect is that the Path of Power can only be tread by those who are willing to place some skin in the game. What I mean by this is there must be a cost. Something you’ve placed on the table as a bet to motivate your dedication to carrying out the call after giving the dice a spin. Previously folk have started small with relatively tame lists and forfeits akin to offering to do the dishes for a month without grumbling upto donating a percentage of their wages to charity for not fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Whatever it is that is also up to you because dice life is a test of your word to your Self as it swiftly weeds out the real from fakeness and then there is no denying it. A lot of people quickly comprehend exactly what I mean about Slaves living a masked existence.

Give it a spin, if its speaking your language. Or keep on keeping on living a predictable life of quiet desperation that will stay, just how it is, until you’re dead and resting. You know this is the earth they say you’ll inherit, yes? Bet that wasn’t what you expected but then if they say one thing and you assume another you know the details of that equation.

Till we meet again

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