You Know What You Want to Do. Why Aren’t You Doing It?

We are all locked in a battle with the greatest Opponent humanity has ever faced. Its a tale as old as time itself and therein lies the hint if you’ll stop and think.

Is the version of you you currently are the one you want to be? Is this the best you can do with all your might thrown behind the intent of actualizing your limitless potential or are you simply just scraping by because what little energy you have leaks out, piece by piece, after you rise from another night of crappy sleep? The fact you can tell exactly where you sit on the scale of your Self is a very telling thing, isn’t it? What you can conceive you can achieve because everything is mental in this realm. And I mean that in the literal as well as metaphysical sense because its Self evident that the inmates long ago took over the asylum and conspire to make us just like them.

From the millions, if not billions, of versions of yourself, grade them on a scale of one to ten. Ten being firing on all cylinders, pushing it to the limit living life in the flesh as the redline of actualized potential with the engine screaming in joy as the sun beams down on your face as you race across the finish line of your current conquest and simultaneously heart off in search of the next challenge and one being the opposite:

Someone ran ragged into the ground who puts themselves last and everyone elses needs first, who lives a life that was programmed into their head and has never thought of inspecting it and rejecting what they didn’t want, doesn’t ft and generally feels miserable as they look around at their predictable life and think “Is this it?”.

Comprehend that mediocrity is easy and supremacy is the goal that sings from the Warriors Soul but, just like before, many are called but few choose themselves as your thoughts, deeds and mindset are what spurs action and its from these steps we being walking on the Path of Power in order to become the ultimate version of your Self.

Why accept anything else? Remember the world will try and mould you into a loser and then furnish you with the stores you need to believe the role so you live your life walking around the cul de sac of the mundane because that creates many happy little wage Slaves that perpetuate the System of the enslaved where misery is a generational inheritance and ignorance reigns supreme as people cower at the thought of access the power within them so they spend their lives glued to a screen instead.

A lack of knowledge of Self ensures you’ll perish in this realm because would choose the life of a One when a Ten is available? Stop and think: What is the difference between these two states? One and Ten? Literally nothing. No thing. A space. Potential. Thats the same thing than can flip the mindset of “Imperfect” into “Im perfect” so a little nothing can be a dangerous thing because its akin to the blind spot that generates vision by allowing the signal to pour in.

If things are physical then no things are their mental correlates and points of origin and in that sense there is no point in wrestling with the shadows of projection in the cave of ignorance that was designed to keep you hemmed into a life of distraction and dissatisfaction on the lower end of the actualization scale. This is why I its all a mind game. The better you know your Self the better you are equipped to play this Game but if your hands are full of rocks that you carefully place in your pockets, backpack and anywhere else you can store them then you’ve simply got no space for the man passing by who says here and tries to hand you a bar of gold. The difference that makes all the difference. Nothing. No thing. Space for potential growth and change. Try this:

Turn off your phone. Silence all distractions. Grab a pad and pen and write down three things you could do right now that would improve your life in small but meaningful ways. Then go and do them. Make this a daily habit and chip away at the old habits that keep you in the velvet lined rut you hate but enjoy its predicable comfort as a way of preventing the realization of how far you’ve actually sank into a state of falseness because the very nature of this realm is it makes people wear masks in order to fit its charade.

Well, I’m here to tell you the Emperor is naked. You already knew this but were scared to admit it due to the implicit threat that comes with calling it as it is but this is the benefit of walking the Path as you’ll rekindle your Inner Sense. The same innocence that was once overflowing and abundant before the rocks previously mentioned were handed to you and accepted without question as “The way it is”. Are you willing to examine your preconceptions? Do they serve your best interests or have they simply made you slot into the machine as a small cog that once had big dreams and now offsets this via the escapism of the net, TV set and a million other distractions designed to fill that space of potential I mentioned previously.

“Why would anyone give away gold in this world?” someone said. Maybe, just maybe that man once carried pockets full of rocks like you then realized the change via the alchemical way of transmuting the base into something from a higher state and now has actualized to the point where those things no longer serve a purpose as what he’s gained is light, strong, limitless and pure. Inner Sense. Accept nothing less as it simultaneously asks the pertinent questions and provides answers as well which bring back the radiant glow and feltsense within which is the hallmark and natural state of all children.

It can be yours again if you wish but first you’ve got to be willing. Willing to be honest with your Self. Willing to see what works and what doesn’t. Willing to challenge your assumptions. Willing to be radically honest about the story you were told, your role in this world and your own expectations and goals because the best time to implement beneficial change is yesterday.

Today is the second best so what are you waiting for?

You know what you want to do so why aren’t you doing it?

Start off with five minutes. Make that a daily habit and soon enough the momentum itself will allow you to slide uphill out of your velvet lined rut and you’ll find it was actually dug in the middle of minefield of ignorance and now comes the true challenge as you come face to face with the Opponent who hides inside your head and has one goal, one wish and one intent:

To ensure you never realize he isn’t you and he achieves this end by pretending to be you.

Its amazingly slick and billions fall for it as they allow the voice in their head to pull a world over their eyes that doesn’t exist as it drives them round the bend like a faulty GPS as your child within yells “Are we there yet?”. You don’t hear this because its edited but you feel it, nonetheless, as that is what those aches and pains within are communicating.

Are you listening?

Here’s another tip for the next time you recognize your mood slipping into one of those negative loops of its suggestion. Simply ask your Self “Does this serve my highest potential? Am I aimed at One or Ten?”. Then, choose different. You are the co-creator of this realm and thus your power is immense as all of this plays out inside your awareness. Its all open to interpretation and its up to you how you make the pieces fit.

If you keep doing what you’ve previously done you’ll get more of what you’ve had and that, my friend, is the definition of madness but then we are living in a world which is profoundly sick and its no measure of health to be well adjusted to the scripts they pour into your head and prefer you accept without questioning. There is only one freedom and that is within. The rest is legislated, mandated and sanctioned in various ways both subtle and obvious so exercise the strength your possess and explore your consciousness because you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Admittedly these are deeper topics of what you can expect when you progress but just start off with that nudge of seeing are your thoughts, deeds and actions of the current moment coherent with actualizing your highest potential or are you simply coasting? Floating. Slipping. Sliding downhill. A life of false effort akin to running on treadmill to generate the illusion of progress even though nothing within is changing.

Like I said it takes a lot of bravery and honesty to think like this but you’ll find once you do you start living like this and what was once a limit now becomes a challenge as you develop strengths you’d been made to forget whilst being enticed to chase after something quite useless. On some level you already know this because if you didn’t you still wouldn’t be reading and therein lies the hint because I am you and you are another version of me. Together we, as I previously said.

A rising tide lifts all ships and these vessels are called consciousness. Some people think they’re submarines and are pressed against the deck as they hold on with immense effort to a life they truly detest but the threat of anything else fills them dread as it takes so much effort to handle the pressure of the depths. Some are swimming on the surface and couldn’t care less about the one suffering as its totally beyond their frame of reference. A few sit on yachts with friends, sunning themselves and enjoying good conversation as they take it all in whilst one or two fly overhead on a seaplane, seeing things very different and then parachute down into the drink, free dive down to the depths and tell the many living that submerged existence there are far greater options and potentials as he asks them:

On a scale of One to Ten with the higher end being the ultimate version of your Self living the life of which you know you’re capable and the lower resonance being something akin to a freshly served thin slice of hell that takes an immense amount of effort just to survive, barely sleep then get up and do it all again where would you rank your Self at this moment?”

Well, which number did you get?

You know what you want to do. Why aren’t you doing it?

Till we meet again

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