Movies are Emotional Pornography

A configuration of pixels on a screen, that heady array of red, blue and green can make you laugh, make you weep or wish to reproduce instantaneously even though there is nothing but a black square underneath. Quite strange indeed as what makes this visible is rendered invisible instantly but then in the land of the blind the one with third eye glowing fiercely sees through the scheme and knows the deal.

Have you ever wondered why certain movies become popular and others are flops? What makes the box office pop non stop for certain slots when other more bankable options, that often cost a lot, fade without a fizzle and the revenue stream dries to a trickle?

You can divide this into two lanes as there are two things to be gained for those who engage in this way to while away a couple of hours of this day. The men lead with the head, its action and role-play with them filling in the steps of the hero on the screen. It fulfills a deeper need inside that most won’t dare to admit in that their lives are unfulfilling and penned with a very repetitive script and thus the actions of a jet setting, gun toting secret agent who slips between the legs of a bevy of 10s without resistance most certainly scratches the itch and allows them to invest in the image the screen presents to their awareness.

And then, once its finished its back to the desk or clocking in at the factory for another shift. Another brick in the wall, another cog in the machine, what once had the potential for anything is reduced into such a derivative way of being thats enough to make you want to scream.

Women are aroused more emotionally than viscerally and thus we see their counterpart on the screen engaging in the fantasies they wish secretly and that is to cast off the shackles off society and do whoever they wish, repeatedly, without a care in the world beyond the satisfaction of the pleasure they seek. Its why so many of the most successful themes you see involve cheating on their husband who may be all they want and seek in a main course but the delight of a sweet treat you can eat between meals and thus have the best of both deals is something hard to resist because, like the moon, women wax and wane in the moment and thus one can never fulfill all of the itches they have where and when. If you’ve ever read the most popular womens literature you’ll get my drift but the most interesting this is with the advancement of tech that allows them to select from a treasure trove of willing men and the cultural shift that equates loose morals with empowerment means they no longer have to read about it as they can live it, and true to to form, they only wants whats the best. Or what their friend says. Or the one they can’t get, either way you get the message we’re all seeking thrills and a break from what is because that doesn’t even bear thinking about in most peoples heads as they serve their life sentence on this planet without the first hint of awareness what is at stake or why they’re even present in this mess.

After all, who cares for such things when life is filled to the gills with distractions? You only get one as conventional wisdom says so might as well go all out. Except they don’t, not in the least because if you were to ask most people about their existence and what its like when it comes to ratios of difference, one day to the next, you’d find that over eighty percent of it is exactly the same. The one thing that does change, that which they cherish, hold dear and celebrate is how they get to entertain themselves and those who pen these scripts know how to weave the tales as they’ve been doing it since back when and the older the trick, the more people fall for it because it can’t be that old, they think, for so many people to hook line and sink. so they take a quick nibble and are hooked by what they see:

A black cube of a screen sprinkled with RGB that makes them laugh, makes the scream, allows them to dare to dream and for 90 minute slices they can be someone else entirely with a life not so prosaic and formulaic as they one they’re trying desperately to escape. Thing is they’ll look every which way but within because such is the nature of indoctrinated ignorance which trained them since they set foot inside this realm and says “Forget everything else, get a load of this”. And from then on it never quits as one becomes what they’re around and peoples spiritual immune systems long since stopped functioning and now what was once a different kind of species is a host to something else but most don’t care, nor comprehend as they’re too busy entertaining themselves to death.

Till we meet again

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