Why Its Easy to Be Stupid but Hard to Be Smart

Let me tell you why
its easy to be stupid
but hard to be smart.
Stupid is at arms reach
right there in your palm
finger on the trigger
locked and loaded
ready to drop the bomb.
It takes very little effort
and even less intelligence

to do just what it says.

Oh yes
don’t get it twisted
the low controls you
whereas you’ve got to
generate the high vibe
which is why intelligence
can be a rough ride.

Im not talking about books
or passing all kinds of tests
those aren’t my parameters
we’re speaking of something else.

Being smart means thinking.
Thinking for yourself
doing what you feel best
with full knowledge of everything
not working on reactions
aka having buttons pressed
but being present and centered
in the middle of your chest.

Its a different kind of vibe
a whole new flex
sure you can get ill
if thats whats needed
so be it.
But the point is its handled well
as should be done
in the moment.
No regrets.

The decisive part about all of this
the greatest string to its bow
is smarts are forged alone
whereas stupid is a team sport

“What will they think if I don’t..
I should… Yeah, I know I’ll…”
and so on and so forth
drones the voice in their head
that they erroneously believe is them.

Pure psychosocial manipulation
in which you’re tossed back and forth
then left holding the bag.
A dead weight that makes you
thoroughly miserable
dims your inner lamp
or on the run from the past
and all manner of consequences
that make life feel like death
served in increasing increments.

No wonder people feel numb
and need distractions
plus the solace of others being
just as false as them
investing in foolishness
and reaping suffering.

All due to ignorance
of your own inner realms
and the nature of programming
poured into your head
by the System.

Since before you were an infant
and remains therein

Smarts on the hand plays it colder
and knows how to lose a battle to win the war.

The key difference in between?

Ego, as you may know.

See stupid is the lifeblood of that critter
and smart its anti-venom that takes one beyond
and swiftly removes its fangs
from here, now and there on
and thats why its such a potent weapon
that most have never heard of.
Nor will they teach you how to develop it
because it doesn’t serve their interests
as stupid keeps the tills ringing,
prisons filling and bodies piling
up in the morgue.

Ignorance is great for business
and these people worship corpses.

Why do you think its called
Urn a living”?
Stop and think about this.
The cremation of the Self
in exchange for your daily bread
when in reality
you’re gluten intolerant.

Thats the glue of ten dimensions
used to hold your Soul in bondage

inside this limited realm
hence why you yearn for freedom
and look everywhere but within
and find ineffective solutions.

Just as intended.

There’s way more to all this
than has ever been heard
because the best kept secrets
are hidden right here in the world
waiting to be discovered
and uncovered in your dome
and thats why the first steps
of true intelligence reignites the
embers Inner Sense that dimmed
in the hearts of all children
as their parents deadened
Just like theirs before them.
Then handed them over
to the System which sold them
a lightbulb instead
and charged an arm and a leg
to live in darkness.


Your mind is behind enemy lines.
Everything you think, isn’t.
If it was effective and correct
then your life
wouldn’t feel like this
because it was never meant
to be a struggle.

The stupid will reject what I’ve just said
as foolish, dumb or blasphemous
and go right back to being miserable
as they seek outside of Self
for a solution
they can only gift
themselves from within.

The smart won’t believe thoroughly
but will instead say
“Intrigued. I wonder where this leads”
and be at least willing to examine
the precepts upon which their life rests
as many are surprised to find
sands that are shifting
and the castle they lived in
actually blows in the wind
as its built upon clouds
and dreams they bought
then sold themselves.

Till we meet again

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