Is Oxygen a Hallucinogen?

If you’re reading this I wish you well. Truly I do and I mean it in every sense and respect because you never know when the inverse of the straw that broke the camels back principle may kick in and these words on a screen just may make the difference to someone thinking there’s no point to this.

Well, I’m here to tell you there is. The first step is knowing that all in this realm is transitory therefore there really is no point in stressing about anything because its always in motion. What you can do is have a rough destination in mind, trim your sails, capture the wind and see what happens. Easier said than done for most but therein lies the hint because if you’re rigid in thinking then I’d be willing to bet your body is the same.

Throughout my days of practice dealing with many people who were swerving in various lanes one thing I noticed, again and again, was how few of them could breathe correctly. Its quite wild when you stop and think about it as its a pretty vital part of life and yet we’ve been trained into thinking that ties around our neck and belts on our stomach are the way it is and should be when the symbolism of such is actually quite crooked.

Have you ever noticed your breath whilst having sex? There is a definite resonance between it and your energetics which in turn influences your awareness and causes a feedback loop to spin. You can leverage this insight by varying your in and exhales for a bit. Try it in multiples of nine and for best effect use thirty six as you’ll definitely feel it by then. Have a play around with it. Use your imagination and see how much of your belly, back, shoulders and chest you can fill whilst sipping breath in via your mouth before exhaling to emptiness via your nostrils until it feels like your navel is kissing your spinal column. Or try a triangle so you may pick something like four in, seven hold, eight out or a square with five in, five hold, five in, five hold. How about a circle? The inspiration is unlimited once you start thinking about what you can do with your standard equipment as it can do some fascinating things. Consider this:

Its the most intimate exchange you have between the inner and outer realms. Used correctly it can rapidly point out the illusion of perception and its not for nothing some have said in jest that oxygen may be a hallucinogen that fuels this lifelong trip in the flesh because there is a remarkable similarity between a babies brainwaves and those of the Adulterated under the influence. Things like this make it quite fascinating as well as offering you a change to adjust the variables because once you realize that your current mode of breathing is but one from an unfinite range of options then you’re starting to shift gears into alternate perceptions and this is where things can get really, really interesting.

There is a technique I’ll be sharing which takes minutes forty five to ninety, depending, and its effects are quite dramatic as it can vary from screaming to crying or writhing in bliss whilst sporting a huge grin. Whats even more interesting is the level of resistance people have had when it comes to attempting it. Almost like there is a status quo mechanism within that has no wish to upset the apple cart of discomfort that they’re dragging around inside their predictable click-whirr existence where they pray for change but resist its invitation when it calls their name.

It made me aware that each of us is actually a nation in that sense and there are many, many fragments of our awareness within that are attempting to make up for our lack of coherence by enforcing totalitarian thinking. Thing is there is only one wheel aka the Witness to steer the vessel of your flesh and thus these aspects rise and fall, moment to moment depending on the task at hand, and direct your attention to wherever they think is best, safest or suits their own bent.

Explaining this to people can often be met with a blank stare or a light clicking within as suddenly they realize they aren’t the thoughts they’re thinking but that which is looking and makes it all possible. By its nature its invisible and yet responsible for everything. Quite a contradiction, yes?

By paying heed to your breathing you can start getting good hints about which version of you is currently at the wheel and how many of your resources they can marshal. Its why you can be effortlessly witty around friends you’ve known since back when as your respiration is at its most natural and, I’d guess, is being taken at depth as you’re not holding your stomach in to look thin or stifling how you express yourself. Take the same person and place them in a mode of stress and the first thing you’ll notice is the shallowness as shoulder breathing with a birds chest often becomes the standard which leads to their Pre-frontal Cortex going offline for the moment and thus no higher order of thinking is available. This is the reason why people often think of the perfect comeback at two AM in bed when they froze in the moment when tested.

Its also why its better to chase your stress than run from it because you’ll acclimatize and find ease in the discomfort. The greatest limits one can push is the ones they unknowingly placed upon themselves or accepted under duress and then never examined again. Breathing is a great way to test the resistance so try something different. Its also why sitting in chairs, staring at screens screws with that process so terribly as well as causing unnatural tension on muscle groups that further impinge our respiration. Modern life is a one two punch when it comes to radiance as all convenience comes a cost. The first casualty of this war is often sensation and not for nothing is it said that most are walking around comfortably numb because there are levels to this observation as many people truly can’t feel anything below the neck.

Body language, as in how you relate to your own energetics in the present moment, is something you end up learning intuitively as you step upon the Path of Power because its a side effect of Centering in Self. After all, where else would you find you but within? Strange, isn’t it, how we look for solutions in places in effective. Like losing your keys and returning to a spot where you know they aren’t only to be disappointed. They say the definition of madness is doing the same expecting different. Being honest with yourself, how many areas of your life are you doing this in right now? Sobering realization, isn’t it? And yet so elusive. Until we decide to face it and that is one comprehends the nature of this convincing illusion that takes your awareness then paints this dimensional experience upon it as all is truly within ergo I am a figment of your imagination telling you what you already knew anyway.

It can get quite meta in a sense because if you and a friend synchronize your breathing for an extended period you’ll notice a resonance forms in your heartbeats as well. If you then continue strolling along and maintaining this rhythm very interesting things can start to happen that hint at the true nature of this dream within a dream as the wheel within a wheel spins and you can start playing a game of “Black or Red?” where you take it turns to create pictures in your head that involve all of the other senses (after all the division and decoding of various ranges of the EM spectrum is itself an arbitrary illusion that has no ned to exist within so why limit?) and create a vivid experience. The other may feel a chill whipping around their awareness or the sight of the sun shining on closed eyelids and various other types of sensation that offer hints about the true nature of consciousness.

And it all starts with breath.

Run free, breathe easy and experiment.

Till we meet again

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