Question Everything

If you take a moment to look at yourself and honestly perceive, you’ll quickly realize that you are far more like other people and much less unique than you like to think you are. A lot of your broad concepts, ideals and beliefs are shared by your peers, especially those of similar age from similar social spheres.

Just as we are the current embodied of an unbroken ancestral chain that goes back through your parents to their and into the winds of time everything is connected in ways currently unimagined.

Now this style of thought we often protect with our lives. Know why? Because it is our life. It creates the frame for us to paint inside, hence no man is an island as under the surface the land mass is unified. This brings benefits but liabilities also rise because at some point we stop thinking and Thunk takes over our lives.

But running through all of this, ever present, ever wise, always willing to learn is that Inner Sense inside that never left, is often ignored and quietly sits to the side as your Adulterated self is taken for a ride.

This is the part of you I’m talking to now and this is the part thats wise as it sees through the fabrications, grand designs and lies that pollute so many minds with the illusion of knowledge aka the current flavor of ignorance in at the time, socially sanctioned schemes and wholesale manufactured then retail sold dreams that are closer to nightmares to those living within their grips without ever questioning why they accept life as they said whilst constantly drawing the short end of the stick.

Just as we, collectively, look back at the Victorian era with blood letting and leeches as a sign of their individual stupidity and thus our intelligence so will your descendants view your life:

“Look at those idiots cutting off various bits and blaming cancer for it when in reality it was themselves and their denial of emotional states that coalesced in a higher realm and manifested as the pain”. “I know, can you believe they actually believed there would be no detrimental side effects from bypassing the natural layers of protection and immunity by injecting contaminants laced with bad intent into their blood streams under duress and immense stress? The people who did so laughed at them for their ignorance in the midst of suffering and most still missed it. May they rest in pieces as it was an intelligence test and they failed it”.

Before we get too advanced just consider:

There is a path that spirals as it ascends so each lap is harder than the last but it also has its own benefits for those able and willing to take the steps as it offers a perspective that makes everything make sense because you’re willing to drive beyond your limits. Much like a large curve can appear straight if one looks just right the point of ascension or escape route isn’t available at each step as making the first shift is what drives the feeling of “Whats next?” that propels one to live at their edge and this requires a degree of fearlessness because most prefer the huddle and the comfort it brings as everyone sits there, a place of no effort.

Its with this in mind that I say what I say because you are way more than you think you are, and you feel this anyway. You’ve felt this life is a waste, sure its got some moments that are great but there is something that just evades your awareness and grasp that could change it all into something else. But only if you’re willing to question everything and challenge your assumptions to see if they’re valid or if you’re being made a rear end that labors under the weight of collective ignorance. “I’m doing my bit!” says the mule, sweating and dreaming of the eventual carrot they’ve been promised whilst getting whipped to within an inch of its sense by various cruel Slave/Masters doing their thing.

Some people call it fame, acclaim, status and these external things. Its none of them because plenty have reached dizzying heights only to feel the same:

That they failed. They’re not enough. Something is missing.

Thats the Game.

The trick to the trick is realizing the trick and then it becomes, in an instant, the strength you didn’t know you possessed because it was, up until then, being used to oppress you, your mind, your Self and these are three totally separate things.

They say Eskimos have many words for snow. This is a perfect example of granularity as the finer you go the more there is to be seen whereas for those raised by screens that they worship daily such insight isn’t seen as they are led to believe an engineered scene reflects reality when it honestly does no such thing. Wonder why movies come on a reel even though they’re fake? Realize reel lies with your real eyes.

Now you’re starting to think my friend. Feels different to Thunk, eh? Notice how the former always offered predictable chunks of what you already know, just mildly rearranged every now and then, under the pretense of thinking when its no such thing. Get it? Know such thing. Heh. The Devilish language with its rites and spells… The triple cross. As promised. Or “forked tongue” as the natives opined before being slaughtered in the name of compassion and benevolence. Dots connecting yet?

Like I said you were born spectacular and can be once again if you’re willing to inspect the mediocrity life placed into vital areas of your head, body and mind that you then accepted without thinking because this resistance in and of itself drops the charge within and freeing up the current that runs through yourself as an electromagnetic being should be the number one priority of anyone who draws breath because when you spiral out then you’ll see what I say makes perfect sense as the seeming old solidity of what you used to Thunk back then is revealed to be as real as a Hollywood stage set as there is very little depth beyond the front it projects and therein lies the key to wisdom:

Question everything.

After all is that what you did, once upon a when, as a child? Isn’t that proof of what I’ve said about your natural state and skills that have been suppressed, trained and disconnected via a process called Adulteration which leaves you a literal shadow of your former Self as your innate glow dims and you clutch at pointless things as “The way it is” when all you’ve know is pain, discomfort and suffering. Of course 81% of the populace will deny this as they are so invested in the narrative and to question it seems like an insult to their intelligence as they roamed into Rome and now believe themselves to be citizens of state when in reality they are captives whose awareness is being held hostage using very slick tricks in a con that is old as the empire itself.

And yet, one is born every minute and what happens next? Their parents hand them over to the same System that did this to them and tell them the same lies they heard then grin as they parrot them back as a mark of progress when its actually regression. None of this is new. You knew this as you’ve seen it happen in front of your eyelids. Thing is there is no option in the lexicon of Thunk to express this as its first instinct is to preserve itself, the enemy in your head that is pretending to be you at this moment and sweating bullets at the thought of this message as your child within is jumping with joy at finally being addressed after years and years of active suppression.

The Game is about to get very interesting as I’ve crawled out of the dirt, wiped my shirt and found my presence immaculate and am going to share not just what I’ve seen of this reality show called Earth but the tools and ways to do it because they’re not found on any curriculum or syllabus you’ve ever seen that was mandated by the System but, yet and still, they are entirely natural as they’re written in the language of Inner Sense which runs on intuition and feeling hence why babies cry in the presence of Dark Souls, no matter how much they’re cooing and grinning as their still pure presence senses the Opponent within which is feasting on its hosts awareness.

None of this is what you think because you don’t. You’ve been conned into Thunking. Just like most confuse wealth with paper slips and fulfillment with achievement when the truth is far different but must be felt to believe it as then the difference is Self evident.

Till we meet again

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