Leeches, Humours and Feathered Serpents

Once upon a when, if you were to ever find yourself near a hospital bed they would stick up a pipe filled with flowing water up your rear end before they considered any other option. To modern man that might seem strange and backwards because its been phased out a lot and not exactly a hot topic of conversation but the method has been making a comeback on the alternative health circuit with a steadily rising amount of adherents that comment on how great they felt after cleansing from within. Not for nothing is it said that all health starts in the abdomen as its quite literally the engine of our form and laced with its own intelligence I call the Lower Kingdom.

That said, there are things to be considered, like the electrolyte imbalance potential for example, as well as the possibility of perforation for those being to eager to ride the last train out of Harlem but stop for a moment and think:

Imagine if I told you that ye olde time cure of leeches was not only exceedingly effective but actually prescribed on the NHS if you need the skills of a plastic surgeon. Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe in the midst of the bumbling and fumbling of back when they may have actually known a little bit about a little bit in ways we don’t currently consider. Hence, question everything. The answers can be surprising but without them you just accept the narrative and that may not be in your best interests.

Another thing they posited back when was the Humours as they called them. Greek physicians proposed that there were four underlying principles involved in health and they were Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile and Black Bile. Their thinking was that these forces combined in man and when in balance one was assured health as they affected not just the flesh but temperament as well. An interesting premise, yes? Lets dive in a for a moment and think:

Blood was formed of the element of air as both are vital in this realm for when it comes to sustaining the vessel thats wrapped around your awareness. This element was linked to being optimistic, balanced and thoughtful. One who was grounded in the present moment and thus ready to handle anything.

Phlegm, on the flip, was linked to water and thus manifested itself as slow and sleepy. Unemotional when imbalanced but serene when even.

Yellow Bile was resonant with fire and handled the aspects of digestion and transformation and should its presence come on too strong we get the stereotypical angry man who is just looking for a reason to trip and break em off a little something something as he vents.

Black Bile was of the earth and thus was linked to the skeleton as this is what forms your base of operations. Should too much of this element be present we’d meet what we would now call a depressive for whom all is tinged in sadness.

Quite an interesting perspective when contrasted to our modern compartmentalized way of thinking that pretty much ignores anything beneath the neck and prefers instead to intercept, deflect or repress signals going to your head. I’ve often commented that this is akin to an engine warning light clicking on in your awareness and you selecting the option to remove the bulb instead of addressing the problem. But thats another topic. One of the most fascinating things about researching this field of the ancients and what they called the Four Temperaments as part of my research into consciousness was the surprising resonance to Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the Vedic perspective as both take an exceedingly holistic view of man, the planet, its herbal gifts and the natures of our inner workings and interactions therein.

In the case of the Indian subcontinent this level of folk wisdom is firmly ingrained upon the consciousness of those born and raised in the environment as families will cook one main dish that is then served with differing accompaniments depending upon the temperament of the one consuming therefore the timid student in need of more intellectual prowess and confidence will have the heat turned up a notch with sugared almonds whereas her angrier older sibling would find more cooling treats like yoghurt and cucumbers as a side dish. The Chinese follow similar principles that Greeks also believed that certain foods are cures whilst others are poisons as it all depends on the person.

The field of TCM offers a fascinating glimpse into the energetic workings of man as due to a lack of TV sets, internet and various distractions back then they spent generations upon generations documenting two things:

The stars and the workings of the human body at the highest levels.

A lot of cultures did this and its why the Egyptians encoded so many lessons in their motifs. Take this for example:

A symbol many take to be “satanic” and run shrieking from a map of whats within them and makes all of this possible, as their inculcated ignorance is afraid they’ll discover wisdom and thus signal and end to its reign over their brain, frame and unfinite Self which is far more than what is taught in schools, seen on screen or any reflective surface that tells you the trends and what you should be thinking.

Not for nothing have I said that fear is a street sign on the way to your strength as its all consciousness in this realm. The question is are you decoding or being encoded? Creating from within with full knowledge of the elements or blindly reacting without a clue of why that is as you live a script another penned from a position of ignorance and low vibration…

Which links wonderfully well to the pineal gland which many cultures venerated as the seat of higher wisdom and I call the Upper Kingdom. Its also very interesting what happens when you seat your presence, the Witness, behind this podium within as its a totally different sense of relating to your flesh and the present moment. The use of symbols like the snake and the bird present in the Uraeus signified mastery over the lower orders of the brain from stem and R Complex upto the Limbic System. The latter is responsible for smell, emotional sensation, long term memory and addictive compulsions and this is why its hard to quit bad habits as they are justified post fact due to the lower aspects of the brain being able to hijack the more modern Pre Frontal Cortex.

Across the world, in a culture seemingly unrelated, we see the same motif with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent and when one starts getting comparative with what they call myth (but is actually the true history of the planet) as well as spotting these little blips of resonance that pop up time and time again you can’t help but wonder then draw the conclusion that man at the moment is a devolution of what we’ve once been.

Then mankind, as in “Kind of like man, but not” starts to make a lot more sense because a lot of the things we do now under the guise of accepted wisdom are flat out ridiculous. Not to mention how unnatural our way of living is and how this is speeding up as we head toward a seemingly inevitable interbreeding with silicon to become a hybrid species quite quick when the second bite of the apple of your eye reveals why Siri was always “Iris” all along, but flipped.

Hidden in plain sight, but only for those with the eyes to see…

They say those that don’t study history are doomed to repeat it and to me it seems like time is a flat circle that just keeps on reiterating and manifesting the default state of programming until we, as a collective, marshal the unfinite resources within to create a spiral because that is when things can, and will, get very interesting as our vessels are capable of far more than they tell and some things are nigh on miraculous. Consider this:

Rub your palms together with a brisk temperament until they are warm and tingling then draw then apart and together without touching and you’ll become aware of a magnetic sensation that repels the middle of your palms. Its quite palpable and the stronger this is the greater your energetic reserves within and this links back to what I said about the organs actually being batteries and repositories of emotional information in our private missives. Whilst poking around on the web I found an interesting proof of this concept as evidenced in the theory of cellular memory as people have often commented about taking on the traits of those who used to sport the heart that now beats in their chest:

A New England lady found herself craving a beer and foods like McNuggets she’d never wanted near her lips before the transplant but now couldn’t get enough of them. This wasn’t the end of the strangeness as lying in bed her awareness would drift beyond this realm and in her dreams she saw a young man who was named Tim L. Doing some investigation she found he’d died in a motorcycle accident the same day as her transplant and all this occurred on his way back from a trip to the fast food merchant to purchase… Yep, you guessed it.

There are countess examples like this and some of them are very dramatic but I dropped this one just to illustrate that things are far more complex within than we currently give credit and when we delve into the steps to feelsee your inner realms and release stored emotions from your organs it will all make more sense as its so visceral and direct.

Whatever the true history of this planet is I’d be willing to bet its a heck of a lot more powerful and vibrant than what we’ve been lead to believe as the various, immense edifices you see dotting the world were not the works of aliens as you’ll see on flashy shows flaunting a wacky hypothesis on your TV set but us. Our ancestors. They were to us something akin to super-men, in comparison, and it all came down to their programming and resonance as they saw the same Earth, the same universe and existence but their view was very, very different.

I’ve often said that there are three ways of living and one is that of a microscope which perceives a lot of detail at the expense of the bigger pic and modern life attests to this mode of being as we have specialists upon specialists in various fields all straining in separate directions and no one yet has wove together their disparate threads into a coherent, internally consistent narrative. He who does and presents the big pic from a telescopic perspective whilst being Centered in Self shall hear the unbalanced masses run shrieking from the message into a new dark age of (artificially illumined but altogether quite) blissful ignorance as the truth of their situation is most unpleasant.

The Game of Souls has many levels and we are currently witnessing a shift from the old order of the ages to the new and, just like always, it is chaos that will pave the way to a new kind of orderliness and, once upon a when, they’ll look back at this age and our thinking and view it as ridiculous. That is if it hasn’t been edited, trimmed or suppressed from their consciousness as they see themselves kings of the hill without an inkling of what we lived and witnessed as it turned to rubble once the poles flipped to signal the end of a level as the new jacks inserted their own credits and were keen to progress. Who thinks about losing when you’re winning?

Question everything.

What I’m saying is that option is still present. It never left so why not use your time on the planet to get to know your Self as modern man is filled with frivolous details about him, her and them but knows very little about their own potential, inner realms, the energetics of being and implications of stepping into this realm, wearing flesh and enjoying the thrills and spills this celestial fun fair brings until their number is called in and they queue up for another ticket to do it all again.

Yes, it most certainly is interesting, don’t you think? We’ve touched upon a few things in this missive that will be examined in depth as we progress because each time I push the pen I become aware of what comes next in the thread I’m sharing as I’ve learned you can’t force one to disconnect from socially sanctioned madness until they themselves have decided to question the narrative about their existence and drew some conclusions that don’t match the small print of the big book of life which says “This is how it is”.

Is it? Is it really? Or do you mean “This is how it is… now, but it wasn’t always”.

Interesting how they say the loud part loud and whisper the rest and yet, when seen from the perspect that all Warriors possess, nothing is hidden. Its right there, in front of your eyelids. All you’ve got to do is open them.

Till we meet again

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