Empire = Emperors. Kingdom = Kings. Countries = ?

Empires were helmed by Emperors who did their thing as they wished which gave way to Kingdoms that were ruled by Kings that occasionally pretended to listen to the plebs they lorded it over in the literal and physical sense. Nowadays we have Countries and they’re ran by…. You know the rest.

The question is why do you put up with this? No matter who you vote for the government wins as the new ones shoved in simply continue reading from the old script as they are all marionettes that do exactly as it says on the tin when you elect.

Poli-ticks. Many leeches. Why expect any different to what you get when it does exactly what it says on the tin. The truth of the matter is if your vote was worth anything or had any effect you wouldn’t be able to exercise it because double binds and tricks with false options is the ugly truth that lies at the heart of this realm. Sometimes I wonder my reason for manifesting into this mess because its hurts the worst when you can see through all this and still recollect the mission that was etched before you’d taken step and what it means when your only options are conquest or death.

Craziest thing is that the ones who need to hear this most will deny to their last breath that their awareness is being held hostage because thats what the voice in their heads tells them is happening. Question:

How can you be it when you’re obviously the one listening?

Starting to see the puppet strings? I wondered this thought on the playground as a jit and the couple of three I mentioned it to back when freaked out at the implications so it is what it is because little has changed since then hence 8% Warriors and the rest as Slaves of some type of fashion as they believe their power resides outside them. That is the true nature of the trick because as I’ve said before and will again; The entire Game plays out inside your awareness ergo I am nothing but a figment of your imagination. Surely you’ve noticed this before when you’ve went to bed and dreamt? The plausibility of a world that doesn’t actually exist and only seems ridiculous once you’ve gained a higher point of reference. Thats the hint.

Wheels within wheels or dreams within dreams that would feel like a nightmare if only you weren’t so numb and getting number as you were lulled into a slumber via the vagaries of a machine designed to fleece the sheep then sell them back the wool as the latest “Must have” accessory. The fact most never question this is testament to how effective the entire process is because they built the System brick by brick and its been compounded by generational ignorance that is designed to empower them whilst weakening those who invest in zany narratives that genuinely don’t make any sense.

Science is a great example of this as most of the content is designed like a Hollywood set and looks great from one lens that aims to convince the viewer it is what it is but step to the side and illusion is revealed. Look into the replication crisis where someone throws something at the wall and it sticks so they publish but when another attempts it and gets nothing they just keep quiet and roll with it and the article is either eventually quietly retracted or they keep papering over it. Add in things like payola, competing interests and the desire to shape a narrative and its easy to see how these venerable institutions are actually hotbeds of corruption but who cares? Most people don’t. Give them enough bread and circuses, news of the latest celeb, some gossip of who did this and what someone else said and they’re quite content huffing down a Happy Meal whilst being glued to their TV.

Don’t you ever think the collective level of intelligence has obviously regressed since they unleashed the net? A trojan horse is what it is but people don’t want to see this as they crave the dopamine hits and distractions it brings. Those that disconnect often do because they realize it actually sells unity but brings division, much like religion in that sense, and places what you seek simultaneously at and just beyond your fingertips. Like real dogs chasing a mechanized rabbit they’ve tapped into innate streams them flipped them perversely hence why I said most never stop to recollect or question the intent behind this process as they’re too busy strolling along the broad and well lit path which ends with them dead with no keys to the exit so they have to insert another credit and play the same level again. And again. And again. Stop and think:

How many times have you actually read this? Why does what I say seem familiar in its newness? Could it be possible that those running the show have a vested interest to ensure the illusion isn’t seen for what it is but what they tell, sell and pretend it is because ignorance is profitable whilst wisdom is dangerous and this is why there is a forbidden religion thats been all but hidden via the slaughter of innocents as the wicked pen the script of future generations in the blood of those who knew the truth and refused to acquiesce.

Till we meet again

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