You Know What You Want to Do. Why Aren’t You Doing It?

We are all locked in a battle with the greatest Opponent humanity has ever faced. Its a tale as old as time itself and therein lies the hint if you’ll stop and think. Is the version of you you currently are the one you want to be? Is this the best you can do withContinue reading “You Know What You Want to Do. Why Aren’t You Doing It?”

Patrice O’Neal Is My Spirit Animal

Patrice O’Neal is my spirit animal. He really is. I’m not saying I have anywhere near his level of talent or skill but gosh darn there is an immense resonance in not being willing to bend over and take it in the name of playing the game where big bank takes no bank and doesn’tContinue reading “Patrice O’Neal Is My Spirit Animal”

The Simpsons Predicted the Devolution of Society

I don’t think there is anyone in this world that watched the inception, peak and descent of The Simpsons that wouldn’t agree that the shark was jumped around about the time Homer started becoming a barely functional idiot. Not just regular dumb but supremely stupid and almost stripped of all humane characteristics till we getContinue reading “The Simpsons Predicted the Devolution of Society”

Why Its Easy to Be Stupid but Hard to Be Smart

Let me tell you why its easy to be stupidbut hard to be smart.Stupid is at arms reachright there in your palmfinger on the triggerlocked and loadedready to drop the bomb.It takes very little effortand even less intelligenceto do just what it says. Oh yesdon’t get it twistedthe low controls youwhereas you’ve got togenerate theContinue reading “Why Its Easy to Be Stupid but Hard to Be Smart”

Are You a Donkey or a Talking, Flying Noble Steed?

It takes a level of honesty to admit that life feels empty within. So many of us are caught up in the champagne lifestyle thats beamed into our minds with its seeming fizz and sparkle, but how quickly it goes flat as it lacks true substance and is totally devoid of depth beyond the initialContinue reading “Are You a Donkey or a Talking, Flying Noble Steed?”

Do Adjust Your Thirdeyevision

Welcome to the Game (show) of life. None of this is what you think it isWe’re witnessing the intermissionbetween seasonswavelengthsperceptionsThat’ll lead to a different everythingBecause in lifethere are no accidentsonly opportunities. And fortune favors the boldas they resonate at higher frequenciesthan those fed a Twenty Four Seven diet of fear pornand low vibration entertrainment. GettingContinue reading “Do Adjust Your Thirdeyevision”

Empire = Emperors. Kingdom = Kings. Countries = ?

Empires were helmed by Emperors who did their thing as they wished which gave way to Kingdoms that were ruled by Kings that occasionally pretended to listen to the plebs they lorded it over in the literal and physical sense. Nowadays we have Countries and they’re ran by…. You know the rest. The question isContinue reading “Empire = Emperors. Kingdom = Kings. Countries = ?”