Are You a Donkey or a Talking, Flying Noble Steed?

It takes a level of honesty to admit that life feels empty within. So many of us are caught up in the champagne lifestyle thats beamed into our minds with its seeming fizz and sparkle, but how quickly it goes flat as it lacks true substance and is totally devoid of depth beyond the initial intoxicating sip. As intended because image sells for those who dwell on the surface of the unfinite living lives like human callouses, unaware of their potential.

Many people spend their entire lives chasing after this like donkeys with carrots tied in front of their heads, whipped within an inch of non existence to keep sprinting at a break neck pace in order to win a race upon which they didn’t place any bets so they won’t get anything in exchange for the labor they poured in. Nothing of any lasting value at least. Imagine all of these donkeys were actually potentially noble steeds that forgot their own dreams and began to live someone elses, thats kind of how a nightmare would feel. Imagine one day a donkey says enough and calls the riders bluff, throws him to the dirt and trots off where he wants. The rest might look at him like he’s mad, for sure he’d be labeled crazy because they’ve been indoctrinated into thinking there is only one game and it has these rules but there is a difference between being an ass and a fool.

Oh yeah, these donkeys can talk too so he turns around to the others and says listen “I’ve got an idea. If one of you comes here then we can share the carrots we can’t reach as we each other feed because thats all we’re going to get anyway so why not spare ourselves the pain that we endure each day because I’ve always wondered what exists outside this frame, this track, this race. There has to be more and I want to turn the page to another chapter in the book of life because I’ve been doing this for ages and all Im getting is older and less able to do what I want as Im exhausted by the performance which is beaten, coaxed and threatened like my life depends on it so I’m not going to put up with it any more. This isn’t the reason I was born, this isn’t the reason I came to this world but I’ll never know if I don’t try something different”.

See, therein lies the secret to living a life of fulfillment because running around after trinkets, trophies and sanctioned markers of existence are the carrots they offer to those who don’t already feel they are enough in themselves and the few that scale the mountain to the dizzying heights all regale the same tale:

“I don’t feel any different, except now Im surrounded by all this stuff and it provides a buzz called distraction”.

Like recarbonating champagne thats gone flat, except now its on tap but still isn’t the real thing as it doesn’t pass the taste test.

Everyone comes to this planet with a goal, a talent, a mission. It might make dollars, it might not make sense but its something they can do far better than everyone else and its often the prime thing we all neglect because its the first layer of confidence they shred back when you set foot in an educational establishment as their role is to prepare the drones as they clip the horses wings as they simultaneously tell you the pegasus is a mythical being, no it doesn’t exist, you’re a donkey, see?

Rinse and repeat as children become parents and sacrifice their own seed to the same System that bought them misery.

But rejoice, that can be over. If you want it to be. At least because by hearing what I’m saying you’re already shifting your frequency and this can only lead to the discovery of path you were born to walk, the one no one had to tell you how to be act, think or feel, no you knew it from the jump because it feels realer than real and if you haven’t discovered or remembered it yet its quite easy as you’ll see because the next time you get up, feeling tired, looking in the mirror you’re going to see not only the donkey you’ve become and the carrot which leads but also the glimmerings of the eternal noble steed that wants to take flight and lead the life of unfettered adventure, filled with meaning, fueled by intention and it can all happen in an instant.

The Game plays out inside your awareness. The greatest secret is there is no “Them”, no externals, no foes. Only teachers playing roles to direct your attention within in order to comprehend the true meaning of donning an Earthday Suit made of flesh and stepping down into this realm where you were programmed to the whims of the level we’re playing as ordained by your Opponent to make you his Victim. This is why they set to work on damaging your Self esteem rather quickly so ye who possess plenty start feeling a state of lack as you’re shunted onto a track when you were born to roam free in this holographic scenery that masquerades as reality. It is possible to be free but only you can turn the key by first acknowledging the locks that were placed within, way back when, and became habits, tools and Patterns of avoidance designed to keep the truth hidden.

You just have to want it enough to put in the effort and the techniques I share will help pave the path to unlock the Self thats currently hidden within under layers of resistance and impingement that were poured into your head when suggestible and are most certainly not in your best interests. This state of Inner Sense is ever-present and heard all that I said as you are so much more powerful than you’ve been led to think hence a talking, flying noble steed who’s actually sexy and not just a plain old tired donkey thats had enough of getting its ass beat as he carries loads of fat tourists up and down the beach whilst wondering why life is packed to the gills with drudgery as it watches the fish swim free in the seas.

Actually, I want you to think of the Game and higher dimensional consciousness like this:

Looking down on the Third from the Fifth your life is like that of a worm sliding through the dirt of time that the Fourth Dimension represents. On one end the sperm met egg and goes through a process of division and multiplication that initially grows and keeps adding more and more to its presence before the System steps in and begins its process of subtraction in increments via its many limbs of programming and induction to numbness. Once you’ve seen this and know your true potential beyond wriggling on your belly just to get through the experience where you’re surrounded by the darkness of ignorance that comes with limited sensory equipment its very easy to shift and treat that dirt like air and become a bird instead as you fly from a much higher vantage and experience a state of freedom that will feel oh so familiar in its newness.

Know why this is?

Because you re-member its feeling from being a kid. The only thing that stands in your way is everything you think you know and cherish as those concepts are akin to bricks that keep your Soul slithering whereas the “I know I know nothing but wish to learn everything” attitude you possessed back when are the feathers that allow the Witness within to soar beyond this dimension and experience the freedom for which you’ve been yearning as it cannot be purchased off a shelf as its a process one must implement that I call the Path of Power. The first step is asking if the current laboring donkey version of thee is even capable of being a noble, flying steed because ultimately you see what you believe. This is how placebo heals and adds weight plus credibility to what I’ve said because if it were impossible then people going into remission on sugar pills wouldn’t be a standard feature of this reality.

And yet it is.

The Game plays out inside your awareness.

The Greek myths actually encode a lot of this and the Pegasus mentioned springs from the severed neck of Medusa when Perseus cut off her head. Its worth noting that she turned men to stone by looking at them and this is indicative of the System as it too possesses many heads and is as wise as serpents for its tricks reign in then shatter the Inner Sense whilst clipping the wings of all who step into the Game at this present moment because that is the true challenge:

To gain knowledge of Self. To overcome induced limitations. To declare war upon the inauthentic elements and energies that are present inside your resonance that you accepted from a position of ignorance and now wonder why life feels as it does because you miss your childhood wings and have had enough of wriggling upon your belly through the darkness.

The Warrior is he, she or they that sees through the charade and comprehends that life is akin to a prism that splits the invisible into separate wavelengths then recombines them again much like your unfinite awareness creates this realm before it feeds back its information via the division of senses that are then flipped, edited, chopped up and re-presented to the Witness within who animates the flesh and you are in the truest sense. This is what dreams your dreams each night as it vacates the flesh and allows it to rest and recuperate for another sesh which should offer the opportunity to think about the nature of illusion as those closed eye visions are as real as the one you wake up in as life is death in that sense (hence good mourning) because it marks a disconnection from your true Self as most believe they are the donkey as programmed whilst I say you’re something far more magnificent.

The rest is up to you for I can hand you the tools but its up to you to use them and see through the ruse which works like a maze. The longer you traipse, the more you’re waylaid as the scenery looks the same as the fools believing they’re mules trudge onwards each day with their heads bowed in shame thus none of them look above and see the talking, flying noble steed you were, still are and could once again be.

Should you want to be free. That really is the eight billion Soular question, see? And one which most dare not ask themselves as they’re so invested in the life they live yet detest thanks these concepts hammered in hence the best devil for them is the one that gores them on the horns of its familiarity and indolence whilst pretending to be an angelic being. By their fruits shall ye know them…

Till we meet again

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