Adversity Reveals Strength

When life brings its test and adversity makes its presence felt it’s normal to feel like less as your heart thumps in your chest, brow fills with sweat as you barely sip in breath. The thing is this moment also represents a way to transcend the limits that you’d placed, as well as those you accept, on the unfinite magnificence known as your Self. Only he who rises to the challenge gets to unwrap the present and this is what unveils the gift, the limitless wisdom and boundless enthusiasm that swirls within. See, the thing is we live in a world which rewards ignorance, teaches you to give into your whims as it makes discipline seem like something that stinks when in reality its no such thing as its got an aroma that makes your mind think “I can do this” because, in times of stress, you fall back on your training and this is why I say its a gift.

People on a whole lack pretty much all forms of self control. Sure they learned to coordinate their steps and most manage not to defecate on themselves, thanks to the training provided by their parents. But that’s it. They teach them nothing beyond this and they themselves roll out into the world unaware of the ignorance of their potential which is why fate often chooses to bring the rain, sleet and snow along with plenty of wind to test the house that you built.

You’ll see them all around, sobbing as they sit surrounded by the rubble of their shattered building. Well straw and cotton would be more accurate as this is what they were given to form their existence with, something weak and never tested by parents who were either lucky and missed this kink or, mostly, totally oblivious and ignorant to the facts that I’m spitting.

See, it goes like this:

The wise man takes what works and leaves the rest. Damn tradition because that was then and this is now. There is a difference and only a fool believes things remain the same in a world when change is the only constant so why think like those who did not achieve a single worthwhile thing, if we’re being honest. Why would you wish to emulate them? So you can erect a shack that tumbles at the sight of an evil grin, a quick dig, someone telling you something you’d rather pretend wasn’t exactly what it is?

See, these houses are our psychological defenses which we go and hide within. A large group of them together is like an apartment building in which many live. Sure its noisy and there isn’t much space for free thinking but its also kind of nice as they all sing the same hymn. That is, till they don’t and, time and time again, thats where the badness kicks in but thats another topic we’ll examine as we progress.

Back on the singular level, lets zoom in on our titular pig. He stands there looking at what he had built and how quickly it was recycled and thinks “Nah, this isn’t it. Whoever thought straw alone could withstand the elements must’ve been quite stupid or lived in a time when there weren’t hurricane winds and torrential downpours that come and go in the blink. Global warming or so they said”. And so he sets off to build something else instead.

He looks at his goals, stay warm, stay secure. Then considers the world and between these two poles he pitches his tent, metaphorically of course, although there were those who came before that were far more in tune with their core and realized the true meaning and resonance of what we live within and how it either amps or damps the spirit but that again is another thing we’ll get into as we keep peeling the onion of life and relishing the tears it brings as it clears our vision.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, he must learn to cast a brick. To take what life gives and then bend it to his will with a sprinkle of intuition and intellect as we experiment with what we get as failure isn’t an option. Feedback here is the king. Such a simple switch of the lens gives perspect and he keeps on keeping on with his invention. Until one day it clicks, he looks at what he built and its perfect. All this time, the wind was waiting in the wings waiting to put him to the test and then swoops in, wailing and screaming hoping to incite dread. And yet nothing happens.

The pig sits within and thinks “Thats interesting as I changed how I think which flipped what I get and thus what was an obstacle actually became the path instead”. Even the wind can’t help but be humbled as it witnesses what he built. Until the pig has designs again “What if I could harness the wind?” he says, as he sets off to invent his own turbine…

Get the hint?

Just because the old ways worked for them doesn’t mean they will for you. The worst thing in the world is having an intellect and refusing to use it because you wish to emulate those who also didn’t use their brain. Its easy to be follower, its much harder to lead just like its simple to deceive but honesty at all times, especially internally to the “me” that perceives is a tougher task. But like the swines domicile the minds of the weak are tested by the hurricanes of reality and any discrepancies seen can provide clarity for those willing to feel what it means to take the lead into the frontier town called me. An active city, wishing to peak as it rumbles and thunders away ceaselessly inside the minds of all denizens of reality who are more concerned with taking it easy hence why 7 days is called a week as strength isn’t what they need when it comes to lording it with decrees, rules and laws that are designed purely to keep score and to prevent the ascent of any beyond this realm by keeping their awareness locked in the smallest selection of the spectrum.

We’re kicking the metas today for sure and in a seemingly random sequence but when the next one flips in you’ll know exactly what I said, just when you need it.

Till we meet again

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