The Alchemist Returns

There is a difference between “I” and “Me”
none can see
but all do feel
because ultimately only the inner world is real
the outer spiel when examined
reveals the true meaning
of wheels within wheels
because you are truly far more
than you’re lead
to believe
but relax now my friend
its easy to transcend
as a few shifts here and there
can change everything
by turning the base to gold
allowing beauty to pour forth
because all are born whole
with an internal glow
which illumines the globe
the inner sense once known
intimately present
as it shall be again
that is the truth
we’ll uncover from within
where it lies ignored
as you earnestly pretend
to be the I people think
and wonder why no one gets
the Me only you know best
as they see not the whole
just the elements you present
“Look at me like this
Think of me like that

All parts of the trap
the whole world
is caught up in

In many ways this is the test
yet so few are aware of it
as they heavily invest
in the face that reflects
so many seem to forget
that they aren’t in their head
bank account nor flesh
or anything else you could pick
or point at

Pure awareness.

From bliss
We came
in bliss
to bliss
We’ll return
Once we have changed the world

Welcome to the Game
where nothing is as it seems
relax now
I heard your silent screams
and come bearing remedies
by way of emotional alchemy
that flip the script with ease
because its all energy

Meet again till we

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