Crying Freeman

Nobody can help if you won’t let them. Man this was a hard lesson for me to grasp in this life as i’ve always done everything. Mine the gold from the ground, heat it up so to melt then form it into a crown which I then placed upon my head. “Me? Need help? Pfft, don’t be stupid” I said as I seriously considered getting my sweat glands removed at that moment before i realized thats how Bruce ended up dead.

I say that to say this, a single stick is weak. A bundle has great strength. But what do you do when your life experience tells you that most people are next to useless and even them at their best doesn’t match the dregs of you putting in next to no effort? What a paradox to find oneself in. Sure, this may reek of arrogance but thats only because your incapable of visualzing the targets which I hit. It’s common with high performers in this realm, this sense of isolation because mediocrity is what we’re trained for and its something so many accept because it paves the path the least reject. What they don’t tell you is that it leads to a town called Lack of Fulfilment, filled with people who have to live with this empty sensation in their chest. The nagging emptiness which hints that something’s missing from the deck. They’ll do anything to forget. So they drink, smoke, have sex, play games, surf the net, watch some flicks. Anything to ignore the signs of where they’re headed as end of the line says but one thing:

“You blew it kid. you had all the skills, all the talent and yet you picked the easy way out. No effort put in, a total lack of discipline. you’re a bum. Yeah I said it, go on get out of here, you stink”. I guess Mickey doesn’t love you. Stay down, you son of a bish. Or maybe he does and this is why he said it. Let’s say you heed the message and decide to pick up sticks and take a trek to greener pastures instead. You walk the path of thorns, they tear you to shreds and just when you’re thinking of giving in you come up smelling of roses which are spread upon the ground for you to tread. Suddenly it all makes sense. You wish for nothing else than for all to witness and experience the feeling of transcendence you’ve seen, been and are, eternally, outside and within. To share the same message and feeling with those living in Loserville with its rusty, dusty tenements and general air of filth and degredation. Cramped in to an urban jungle which is permeated with its own form of savage intent due to the lack of connection with their true Self and the richness that lives within.

See, the thing is you can lead them to thoughts but you can’t make them think. Thats an internal process and something they’ve got to do for self and in many ways reflects the opening statement of not bring able to help if they won’t let you. See how neatly that flipped? Man I’m really good at this, even if I say so myself. Now, is that stating a fact of another display of arrogance he said as he left the Land of the Plebs only to find the thorns were back again and this time they’d bought friends. Onwards he treads back to the land of rose petals which soothe his wounds as he sits alone in his kingdom, inhaling their fragrance, wondering “How can I make them get it?” to himself.

So take this as my request for help. I’m in need of assistance to share a message that can generate a sense of fulfilment that is so immense that your cup is literally overfilled and you wish others could drink from the plenty you feel within but the nature of this drink is it can only touch their lips. It evaporates in that instant as it’s only there to provide a hint that what he did you too can do for self. But who wants to walk on thorns? Leave the zone of comfort thats filled with all of their friends and so many distractions as well just to head solo for the hills? The thing is its only once you’re at the peak you recognize the Valley of Death for what it is and feel a rush of sympathy for those still trapped within.

Previously I tried giving them a fish, hoping the taste and sensation it brings would make it click. That just made them more dependent on my presence and I disliked it because whats the point in trading your own weakness to borrow anothers strength? They simply wish not to build and thus their temple languishes with no one to tend the light within. Such is the existence of those living in the land of unfulfilment. Entirely ignorant of the paradigm they dwell within and not bright enough to think of the world outside of the shadow play they witness.

Plato spoke of the same thing and people still don’t get it even though they like to quote and play with his concepts in an intellectual sense. But they don’t wish to live it. No, no thanks to the Mind Made Prision that keeps the plebs potential chained within and this is why I can’t bring myself to let them help, when all along I’ve helped myself and countless others emancipate themselves from mental slavery because, as Bob said, none but ourselves can free our minds.

It’s the mind state which defines everything. All I can do if offers hints and the process I myself used to get where I am today in the hopes to see you rise to the heights of your own awareness.

All that said, I relish the challenge it brings. See, I’m playing the Game of Souls on a far higher level than the rest because I intend to actualize my potent in the flesh in order to transcend the three steps beyond this realm at the end of my sojourn in the flesh as the ticket home comes at a cost and I’ve paid that to be the boss. It’s my head. My awareness. My presence. My gift. I want you to have the same thing but tailored perfectly to your manifestation in this realm so we can then trade experiences and build even higher on levels yet uncomprehended.

Me sitting here pushing the pen then publishing this on the web is akin to asking and simultaneously offering help. For now, it’s the closest I’ll get because I’ve got such high standards paired with not much faith in the average person who is stuck in a living hell and never thought “I should get out of this mess”. Instead they chose to decorate their cell and make it a more comfortable stretch as opposed to making a break for freedom by overcoming the warden who dared to imprison them in the first place in the psychosocial insanitorum known as the Land of the Plebs aka the Valley of Death or the cost one pays for being born in the 21st cent.

To get to the roses you must endure the thorns because they’re there to see who is true to the cause and who wants to take the trip that leads them beyond their self proscribed limits. This all comes down to a mindset. That of Slaves, Masters and the tiny fraction of Warriors that grace the plane at this stage. It’s to them I call out because they’ll get what I mean, no doubt, as they’ve thought it themselves. Spiritual evolution is a solo process which is paradoxical considering what you get is a sense of union with the source of all existence that manifests as each and everything, everywhen. Yes, even the plebs. Although they don’t realize this. Yet.

That is why its called willhelp with a me stuck on the end because as I said in my Statement of Intent, you are another me ergo by helping you I help myself and thus bring new wind to sails as the rising tide lifts all ships and one by one the self evident nature of what I express clicks and peoples inner glows are illumined once again. “Hello, my old friend. So nice to see you again” says their private realm as they step into its familiar newness “Yes, yes. I used to play here all the time. My, how long has it been?”. That is what I want you to experience and then tell me what you find within because unlike the Land of the Plebs aka the Valley of Death those who dwell as peak experience Kings (and Queens, the difference is immaterial as polarity doesn’t exist up on the hill) will do something different when it comes to raising the kids and that is how we change the world, by first changing ourselves and then listening to the fresh awareness they bring via minds unpolluted by the busines of living. That pure energy so foreign to this stale realm that still lives within the chests of all men and women who gave in to the adulteration process that made them shift into replicas without originals. Faux human beings decieving themselves. Tell me that doesn’t sould like hell?

What a bizarre paradigm. But much like a fish who is entirely ignorant of the water within which it swims, one of their own pointing out makes little sense as they entirely lack the same frame of reference as he who has been on the hook and escaped the fishermen after learning the lesson about bait which is designed to glisten as well the nature of the Game as enforced by the Mind Made Prision that social programming built.

Either way, this is happening. Take this as a warning and prepare yourself because I came to conquer, not bow or negotiate with terrorists who hold the whole worlds awareness hostage via the promotion of ignorance.

Till we meet again

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