Why I’m Going to Keep My Videos and Content Intact

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. That, my friend, is lifes little contradiction and if you can find the calm inside the storm, the tranquility in the whirlwind and comprehend what I said by visceral experience then you have laid claim to Self and everything shifts. I say that to say this:

I contemplated deleting the videos I’d made along with all the content published in order to start again after my hiatus. Why? There are some things I would have said different, some perspectives best left private and various vents to get off my chest what I was feeling in the moment as well as the rage and hopelessness that saturated my consciousness when I first started to push then pen and unfold this project that I’d have left within, or at least not shared via this medium. Thing is they’re out there now. You can’t put the bullet back in the gun once its been struck with the pin so it is what is. I’ve sowed and shall reap.

And yet those statements were also a cause as well as effect. Are you seeing the trick yet? Lets say I didn’t make them, matter of fact didn’t make any more or speak out in public. Lets pretend I spent the rest of my life as an investment of my credo of “Get free or die trying” then actually achieved my ends of permanent liberation from this realm as I collected all of my Soul fragments, liberated my ancestors and helped all those I came in contact with without any expectation of getting anything back from them. All abuse and badness was heartily appreciated but to ensure the pain was minimal I kept my circle very tight and close to my chest.

What would happen then?

Believe it or not this was the life I planned, wanted and intended. I’d scoped out an isolated island away from all of this and was making the moves needed to stack the chips required to ensure it happened when fate intervened, as it has a habit of doing. Long story longer, that card was removed from the deck by various shenanigans that culminated with my latest brush with death which motivated the first video I recorded. The rest flowed organic and it amused me to see the resonance in between such disparate threads and that I took as the hint to let them rest for posterity because whats done is done and whats next is coming.

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. I am the thinker, the thinking, the thought. I am the Witness that sees all from within as it makes all possible and yet is nigh on impossible to spot as it is actually the canvas upon which the art of life is painted as well as the seer that take it in. Ah, such an elegant trick because its like a riddle wrapped in a paradox surrounded by mystery. Imagine you lived in a world that was as flat as can be. Two Dimensional in all respects was the length and breadth of your reality till one day you somehow popped off the page and found it rested on a desk in the world we live in currently. This added frame of reference changes everything in ways ineffable yet so visceral as you swiftly find the limits of language which are exceedingly at odds with that which is perceiving these higher states of awareness.

Then lets pretend you were back on the page again, stuck in that dimension with the rest of your friends. What would you do next? To tell them and you’d seem like a madman. Especially if they were the same who plotted and planned to take you out of the Game the page of spacetime represents. Your anger would overflow and whistle to find a vent as you struggled to process the events as an ever increasing sense of isolation and loneliness crept in to taint your existence. Even something as simple as trying to share a sphere with those who only know circles would generate fear and derision in those listening as they’d think you’re waffling about something that is so far (and yet so close) to their awareness. That is me, my friend. At least it was.

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. The older version of me back then in contrast to the one currently typing have vastly different ways of relating to the energetics of the situation. If this trends, and I suspect it will, that also means that I’ll flip the script on this perspective as I progress because its all about the spiral which ascends out of this realm. Along the way the steps bring us into contact with variations on a theme seen from new angles which then shift interpretations and this information motivates new movements and this, this is truly living. This is the Path of Power. Contrast that to your square existence where the four predictable corners of North, East, West, South bring the world to your mind via the screen, TV set or various practices that all worship the same thing:

I’m talking hyper-dimensional to those trapped within a flat frame of reference and thats quite insane because many people have lost their minds from such a near death experience and yet I’m grateful. In many ways its all unfolding as ordained because free will is an illusion that is as persistent as this fake realm we mistake, again and again, for reality itself. What am I saying? One of the first statements I made when I first tapped the keys and hit send was this:

There are no strangers. There are no enemies. I have befriended the entire world“.

Little did I realize then as I walked under the scorching heat which showed no mercy that I was sprinkling seeds that would grow into the trees which currently shade me as I sip fresh waters from the oasis where I’m resting and extend you an invitation to extend your perception.

In many ways spiritual development is a solo sport and yet this contradicts us all being connected. With that in mind would I be here now, this moment, with this perspective I’m intent on sharing without the events detailed in the first SeaSun of the willhelpme project? No, not a chance hence the content stays as it is from now till the end of the web and by then the underlying truths we uncover will be etched upon the Souls of the 8% to inspire the next generation to protect the Inner Sense of the children which step into this realm and allow them to sit behind the wheel of guidance for the Adulterated can only beget those as emotionally dead and suffering as themselves, even though they’ll deny it. The truth is obvious:

There is something very wrong with this planet and the people on it. The fact this madness is so widespread, unquestioned and accepted means that one who goes against the grain will be seen as insane and treat accordingly speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

On this spin that happens to be me. One day it will be you. In many ways this is a space to be filled and whilst each will manifest the script in their own way the end result will be the same and can be expressed in a simple sentence:

Me against the worlds.

It really feels like this when you step into this realm with the intent to reclaim your Soul, collect the fragments, liberate your ancestors and decedents whilst assisting those who wish to ascend along the way by speeding up their evolution so you can finally step out of the Game and go back home again. Never to don the Earthday suit again via the tricks of reincarnation. No more links or connections to this realm, debts to be serviced for contracts signed in ignorance without reading the small print or falling for the tricks which promise the world when it isn’t theirs to give as they plunder your temple and loot the riches as you let the thieves in.

Exit stage left, I’m hearting home. The prime, the preexisting, no named I call Psylense is waiting but even that is just a label and I’m speaking of an experience. Does this sound like spheres for fears of those trapped on a flat surface? Am I amusing you or just confusing you? Am I who you visualized? If real eyes realize real lies which seem true does that make the wisest one who isn’t fooled by the world drawn over their eyes as they are whirled round since they step in and accept the dizziness as equilibrium. Doesn’t that make sense? After all they say the world spins at speeds astronomical and yet nothing but static is felt. Did you feel that? Hear the Psylense which said how Self evident this is because the outer is within due to that which manifests ie you make the path by walking and thus without you there to listen to to the tree falling it would be silent and might as well never happen.

The Observer Effect they call it. The hint about how powerful the primacy of consciousness is because everything is sentient, in its own frame of reference, as its all vibration. How we process these signals. What we filter and reject, the bits and how we stitch them together to form our narrative. That is whats important. Except it isn’t at the end (or beginning) as you are none of this but that which looks aka the Witness. Formless, silent, ever present. Unchanging yet never the same. The hero with a thousand faces, all of them an illusion as we play the great cosmic Game which is akin to hide and seek where divinity finds itself and shines light into the darkness which dwells in the chest of the disconnected who comprehend it not.

“Look, its like that circle, right, but there is more of it. It gets, ah, how do I say this? It gets fat and thin. There is just more dimension, they call it depth. It allows perspective and nothing is the same once you’ve seen it” says the man who left flatland and came back again as those who can’t relate think its the ravings of a madman who flipped his lid and should be medicated quick. “Ha! What an idiot” they said, after walking away to a polite distance. “He thinks the world is piece of paper, whatever that is, that sits on a desk in what he calls the really real world and in that realm there are things like this but far more complex and posses a depth and solidity we can’t imagine. Tsh, pshaw and nonsense!”.

And yet to us, here, now, that frame of reference is Self evident as its so easy to imagine them in this predicament and this is why I with you’ll afford me and my perspective the same empathy for the one who stumbles and bumbles to express that which the denizens of flatland simply do not possess the frame of mind or language to express but could comprehend if they see what he did during his journey beyond the limits of what they call the edge of their world.

Without my Opponents this never would’ve have happened. How can I hate them? Denigrate or speak out against them when they, in effect, handed me the keys to my very own vehicle of liberation. An interstellar spaceship that I’d only began to intuit before they conspired to spell my end via various incantations that were intended to bring my death. And yet, he is risen. Its a miracle!

The Game, man, the Game truly is something else. Without you it would be nothing and it convinces you of the flip so you believe you can’t live without it. Its like being born a bubble, so round and perfect as the tension level which gives you form is so efficient that there is no stress or fear within and then you’re slammed between two sheets of paper and left to dry onto the page which is now saturated with your previously free experience. Trapped in place, things have changed and are different but you can’t express what it is because part and parcel of the equation is speaking the local language which lacks entirely these frames of reference which speak not of bubbles, only parchment. Flatland. One dimensional living. That is you at this moment.

From a larger perspective we the desk, the crayons and various papers with scribbles as the sun shines in and a child runs around blowing bubbles for amusement. Each breath breathes life in to something which is intuitively formed and perfect. Isolated, yet connected till its hits the desk and absorbed into the page which is simultaneously being heated by the rays of the sun which cause the process we know as evaporation but they call death and fret as the end.

Can you hear the Psylense? Feel what I’m saying? Walk with me for a while. See the Game from my lens. Take what works, leave the rest. Test reality as it stands versus what you think because the results are not only profitable, they’re also quite amusing.

Till we meet again

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