Stream of Consciousness

Here I am, tapping keys, looking at a screen as I prep the video I’ve just made that will change your frame of mind and with that hopefully your life. A large thing for some but small in the great sense when one realizes just what they isn’t because in the grand scheme of things this, this illusion of knowledge is what prevents you from seeing your Self. Notice the capital S, there? Oh yes, it makes a differences. Language is something we’re sure to cover, or uncover in the literal sense as its stomps around in peoples heads messing with their conceptual realm and quite literally the world is under a spell.

All this because I didn’t create the vid I thought I would when I lifted the lid on the lense and said “Lets make a film about death as per my experience”. As you’ll see when I hit send I’m simply not in the mood to speak on that yet as I’m feeling so smooth that nothing can interrupt this groove. I’d hazard a guess and say thats based on todays events which left me high but not dry as I’m hydrated well and floating on a higher level thanks to the arrangement within of my neurochemical soup in this instance.

The best dealer in the world lives inside your head and did you know with a certain breath, posture or event you can unleash higher and higher realms of coherence that feel absolutely magnificent. Most people don’t know this because most people are three fifths dead but too stupid to get it until the fat lady sings. Oh yes, no PC madness on this end with “plus sized vocal talent” to perform like a verbal gym. You’ll get it raw and direct like she did with her 4th helping of pudding to put down her first payment on 6th chin that oscillates as she’s warbling.

Not a nice way to speak of death but then that really is the topic and once again I’ve went off on a tangent, like a tangerine. Amazing how those segments stuck together beneath a durable shell that offers protection and nourishment against the elements and how you can consume, plant and consume again. Where is the death?

Isn’t the something? Life in a nutshell my friend and why there is no such thing as the end as the example illustrates and as we’ll get into in detail on another day.

Till we meet again

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