Can You Sacrifice Yesterday for Tomorrow?

That really is all it is when it comes to success. Its not even a case of deferred gratification, even though its a part of it, because this is more than a mindset. Its a lifestyle. One that knows to shine one must grind because it comprehends the journey is actually more vital than the destination for the experience it brings.

The modern world won’t tell you this.

Its actually the best kept secret of every “overnight success” because it often takes the outer a while to catch up to the inner vision of one who marches to the beat of their own drum. Sometimes it doesn’t happen in their lifetime, take Van Gogh for example or Tesla even to whose concepts back then we still haven’t envisioned as a collective. I’m not saying the Path is easy but its up to you to decide whether to step on it and make something happen or just keep strolling along the treadmill with the rest of the Slaves on this global plantation as they amuse themselves to death and every conversation begins with “Remember when?” because the best of times are behind them.

They’d never admit this but the defeat within makes it presence felt in a myriad of ways for those who are willing to listen because not everyone will make it and nor are they intended because we’re playing the Game of Souls on its highest difficulty setting which is why you should relish the challenge.

Use haters as fuel. Its all energy in that sense. There is no force than can oppress you Twenty Four Seven without end and even if that happens what you’ll discover via the process of discomfort is that old coal becomes a new diamond and then its time to start shining. The question is can you sacrifice yesterday for tomorrow?

Even that is a trick because they are just concepts that don’t exist as there is but now. That ever present gift that most are too busy running from to ever unwrap and peek within. Imagine a fish that swims through an ocean where the water is invisible and you’ll get how we relate to time in the Third Dimension and this is why its said the best time to make a change is yesterday.

The second best is today. And for those that don’t listen, tomorrow never comes as they lounge around with regret, trying so hard to pretend they didn’t have any other options than the barrel bottom scraping that passes for an existence.

See why I call them Slaves? Its not a token of disrespect but an accurate marker of their inner realms and how they relate to Self as they accept power for truth and offer to sacrifice their Inner Sense for a stable existence which is two stops away from misery and costs an arm and a leg to keep riding.

They won’t admit this, not even to themselves, which is the saddest aspect because as any addict will tell you’ve got to spot the problem before you can find a solution and this involves change, from deep down, within. None of this surface level, lipstick, pop-psych trash for the Warriors of this realm. “Oh hell, no!” they said as they rise to the challenge and execute their bad habits with a shot straight to the head in order to release the energy within that they use to fashion tomorrow from their thoughts, deeds and actions in the present moment.

Don’t get it twisted, this realm is akin to hell for one living without a purpose and drifting from that to this but the Game specializes in playing tricks in your head so most think its heaven itself because to grasp the opposite would fill them with an immense sense of dread and thus don’t expect the rest to comprehend your response when the call to action starts to ring and reverberate inside your awareness:

Lets do this!

There are Twenty Four in a day. Lets push Eight out of the way to rest and recuperate. What you do with the rest is up to you once you’re obligations have been tamed and sated with the frame of mind you must give them in order to maintain the previous boundaries of your existence aka the small pond which is a big fish senses as false limits as it craves the abundance of the vast, blue ocean and thus sets its intent in motion.

I’ve often said that a plan without a goal is a wish and this is the greatest secret that lies at the heart of all success because without a barometer which says “I’ll do this by then or give up this and reattempt with greater precision” you’re simply fooling yourself. Remember, tomorrow doesn’t exist. Only now. That is your gift. Its all you possess and once you’ve divided what goes when the remainder is yours to utilize as you wish because you’ll only get back what you put in in this realm as its all just recycling the same energetics which is why directed attention and incremental betterment are the breakfast of champions.

Let me speak on that last one in detail, in case you’ve never heard it:

Do you know why New Years Resolutions fail for most of the populace? Its because they want too much, too quick. The subconscious isn’t wired like this. On the flip take someone who is dedicated to training. Rain, sleet, hail or snow they’ll find a way to get their session in. This is the subconscious doing exactly the same thing but propelling you in another direction so don’t imagine you’re going to leap off the couch and climb Everest.

Sure that is a good goal, a good intent but it will take a few yesterdays spent dialing down the basics before you make that ascent and this is the principle of incremental betterment.

Add in a little something, something every day. Break it down into smaller steps so in the case of the newcomer to a gym, don’t sign up for that January membership when everyone else will come piling in only to start dwindling, just as quick. No, play it smart. Be intelligent.

Go out for a walk instead. Get that basic level of fitness up a notch or six. Then, how about some sit ups? Fresh and breezy upon rising. Maybe some stretches. The foundation is built as its been a month or two and the motivation of conquest is rising as you proven, time and again, you’re rising to the occasion to your subconscious which says “OK, cool. If this is whats happening then lets do it!” and it propels you further in that direction.

I’ve always advised clients it will take a month or two of incremental betterment to start creating new habits. After days Twenty One most people notice a difference in their levels of motivation and after that it just keeps compounding as they’re no longer forcing it but actually crave the challenge for what it says to themselves about them and the direction they’re hearting.

That is the most beautiful aspect as its akin to a lotus unfolding upon the filth of their previous existence that they, quite often, thoroughly detested but couldn’t find the exit. Its here, now. Where else?

Can you unwrap the gift the present moment? Can you sacrifice yesterday for tomorrow? Now, that is the question.

Grab a pad and pen. Keys and screen ain’t the same level of neural connection so don’t cheat yourself. Write down a list that splits the Twenty Four you’re allocated into those aspects you cannot shift and thus must be handled and then take what is left and rearrange everything around the principle of incremental betterment. Take your large goal, the mountain you intend scaling, and break it down into its constituent components. Now take these elements, place them in a bag along with a secret blend of herbs and spices and season well before glancing at the page to meet your recipe for success. Then go do it.

Thats really all it takes. If you’ve been putting off that change then consider this your call to action as I’ve just given you the keys to unlock your potential from within, change your mind and keep it that way because now you grasp what happens within and this is how you make new habits that stick and shift your paradigm.

Incremental betterment. Two words that make me grin. I hope you too get to Witness the same experience after you’ve felt, first hand, the immense benefits they bring to one who wishes to take it to the next level.

Till we meet again

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