Where Has the Year Gone?

How’s it been? How’s it going? Are you where you inteded to be? Take a moment and reflect on your trajectory and switch it up if need be then act accordingly. Spiritual, physical, fiscal, sexual, emotional, intellectual – its all the same to me because you know the difference between potential and actuality so be real with yourself about where you stand right now vs your target.

Tomorrow is built upon the decisions of today and its crazy how easy it is to whizz your life away thanks to this digital charade and the escapism it brings as you run on the internet treadmill in lieu of doing something you know you should be handling. If something productive popped in your head as you read that don’t reply – go and sort it first then we’ll speak.

Mental discipline is the key. The mind rules supreme. If it hasn’t gone exactly as planned then don’t worry. Pick one piece, something you can do immediately and go handle that instead of reading this. Wrack up a series of small wins to start gaining momentum and shift where you’re headed because the last six months went by like a blink and if you keep on doing what you did the rest will as well.

Your mentality is the a great attractor in the grand scheme of things and thus it can either be a tool or weapon, depending on how you handle it. At this stage of the Game its all about ignorance because weakness is strength according to how a Slave thinks so if what you did before hasn’t worked out decently then consider flipping the script. This is how a Warrior thinks because there is no point in regret. What’s done has happened. The only thing that exists is the present so turn up, unwrap it and direct the bountiful forces within to take it to the next level because the only competition you should have in this realm is with your Self. That’s a hint about 4Dxo. That which underpins existence and something we’ll get into when I tell you where I’ve been since we last linked.

Till we meet again

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