I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself

You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do. Last month I stated, publicly and on the record, that I would update this site continually for a 21 period. That I did and those events set into motion the next event I’ve been working on since we last kicked it and will be pouring into your awareness with a quickness. In the mean time think about this:

I want you to find something you know you should do. Something thats been calling to you but somehow you continually seem to forget to check it off the list as you’re busy caught up in the business of living. This thing – you already know what it is, it popped into your head before you read this and as you progress the steps to make it happen are solidifying along with your intent to accept this challenge – has been patiently waiting for you to make it happen. No one else but you can so take this as your call to action. Remember, mediocrity comes easy and doesn’t cost a thing but excellence often looks like hard work and most people are scared to win. Its odd when you think of it but then a quick glance at the world and its self evident as those who risk the effort get the rewards as well. Beautifully simple. You get what you expect so place higher standards on your Self. To that end we’ll do this:

That thing that has been solidifying in its will to make it happen is now at the top of your list. You will clear a space in your schedule and do it. But before you even take that step you’ll have to tell someone else. Make it public and there has to be a consequence, say, “For the next 21 days I will (do this) and if I make a misstep I will (not do something)”. The latter has to be something you enjoy and would really miss and also for a 21 day period. It could be sex, chocolate, going to the gym. I’m sure thats enough for inspiration. Whatever you pick it must be solid and something whose absence will be felt as this is the motivation that helps the challenge manifest the results you’ve been seeking and thus you end up with a win/win/win. Why the extra one thrown in? Simple, not only do you progress from thinking to doing in one project, you also discover a deeper appreciation of whats at risk and put it all together you build up a sense of purpose, action and discipline that leads to greater confidence and develop strengths you are currently unaware rest within, awaiting activation.

It truly is a gift that keeps on giving but the most amazing thing isn’t even what I’ve said but something you’ll discover for yourself as at some point in the 21 Day Challenge you’ll find an inspiration pops in that spurs evolution and you’ll wish to step into it immediately. Take to air as the lift it brings is something else as you receive so much by giving. But this is where discipline kicks in. So you quickly sketch the inspiration as the basis of your next Challenge whilst keeping this one ticking. Can you say “Perpetual motion in full effect?” because thats exactly what it is and you’ll have to test it for yourself. If you miss, reset. Start the 21 again. So to recap:

1) Decide on a task you wish to make happen.
2) State publicly your intent and length of Challenge.
3) Note to yourself what you’ll forfeit if you don’t stick to the script.
4) If you slip restart from nothing with new at risk until all twenty one are ticked.
5) ????? (Always leave room for the unexpected to bring something amazing in).
6) Profit.

There it is. Right now its just an idea. A concept. A potential awaiting you to step in and fill it with your energy and action. Once you do you’ll notice the spiral effect as challenge begets strength which combines to gift progress. Its such a simple thing but in that 21 you’ll learn so much about yourself as you’ll witness first hand the inwardly divided and dual selves I’ve mentioned which are all fighting for your attention. Some will make excuses because they’re scared to win. Others will encourage because they want the best for you and them. The only one you should listen to and the hardest to hear is the feltsense. You’ll know it when you find it as its like a beacon of guidance whereas before you were just grasping in an artificially darkened awareness. That is what then guides the next steps and once you witness this the outer world can’t help but shift because you’re coming from a place you didn’t previously know existed and this is the the difference that makes all the difference. Make it happen. This instant. Challenge yourself.

Till we meet again

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