Excellence Happens in Isolation

Excellence happens in isolation which is why its easy to be mediocre in a crowd because thats how they get down. Stop and think for a minute and I’m certain it’ll click because the principle of resonance is universal in that respect. If you’re spending your day with four crash test dummies in training it doesn’t matter what your level of talent or potential is because with them around it will be nigh on impossible to realize it. It’s a cold Game but that is exactly how it is because even though we’re social due to what beats in our chests sometimes you’ve got to go for Self and dive in that chrysalis in order to reincarnate whilst still living.

Its a concept that many wish they had the strength to live because its akin to taking the worst from the past and alchemizing it using the gift of the present then watching as the seeds spring to create the orchard of the future. Oh for sure it takes effort and dedication. It will push you to the limits of your sanity, believe my testament. Not everyone is cut from this cloth they stopped making long ago. Some of us can feel it flowing through our veins and know deep down within that nothing changes until we do. Well, if thats you then this is your cue. Get to it because time and tide move on their own vibe so when the stars align and its time to shine people will notice the coal that went missing in action only to come back as a diamond.

Then its amazing how those that never believed quickly flip into “We knew you had talent, it was always obvious”. Once again this is the principle of resonance in effect and why they say a raising tide lifts all ships. It is what it is. Now if you manage to form a circle with no squares in it and everyone is grinding with their own intent then the side effects are the progress is immense. Let me give you an example:

Three friends doing three totally different things. One sings, the other programs and his boy is a chef. In training. None of them have made it. As you can see their interests are wildly disparate and yet there are three things they have in common. Getting high, getting girls and lifting. The musician said “Listen, I’m going to stop getting blazed because its getting in the way of me practicing these scales” to which the chef responded “Say less, I’ve been working on these edibles so there’s that handled”. The tech chipped in and said whilst he appreciates the focus that toking brings and how it allows him to hit the off switch when his head is buzzing he’s starting to forget more than remembering and suggests they all knock it on the head. “Come on man, lets take it as a challenge. If we all keep each other in check for three months then we’ll take a trip to Amsterdam and get real lifted as a celebration”.

What started as a simple thing turned into an immense conversation, as things are wont to do when under the influence, as they sketched out a battle plan for ninety days that saw them stripping back all non essentials. “No weed, no ladies, no clubs, no gaming” said one as the other chimed in “Yeah, yeah, yeah I like this. Lets take it to the next level so the aim is for all of us to obliterate our personal best and one rep max as well whilst dropping some BF and getting into the best shape there is”. Nodding the chef says “I’m with it. Amsterdam won’t know what hit it” as he took notes on napkins.

The next day upon rising something clicked and it all felt different as they’d said it and now were going to do it. You’ve got to bear in mind that for three kids from various degrees of broken homes, failed social systems and schools that didn’t give an F about them discipline was something that usually came when you got caught and sentenced. Up until then it was every man for himself but on that night the stars had aligned and instead of just BSing at the end of another day flying quick they each intrinsically knew they were going to make it happen.

Not that there wasn’t grumbles when one rolled up and the other two checked. “Tell you what” tech said “If you can beat either of us in race round the block them we’ll all join in and if not we’ll take what remains and give it away on return, bet?”. They took off in earnest motivation but it wasn’t long till the cheese grater on the lung effect kicked in and they were bobbing and wheezing from the effort.

“Man, how can we be so unfit?” the singer said “It ain’t like this in the gym because then we go mental”. “Yeah, thats the preworkout talking. Sober sprints are a totally different thing”. “Addendum, adding another challenge. Every day upon rising we’ve got get round the block quicker than the last spin for the entire ninety day period. If we pull this off as a bonus I’ll cover the costs for the hotel on our trip as I’ve got a bonus coming”.

He didn’t have to say it twice as they made a leisurely pace back home. Each went off on their way to do their own thing and they met up again that evening at the gym to handle some pressing business. “Alright, listen. I’ve got an idea” the singer said “The best way to get in shape real quick is boxing circuits as they use every single aspect and doing it will boost my singing performance”. “Yeah, yeah I like that but I’m too good looking to risk get punched in the dish besides didn’t you quit because you wanted to be a ladies man instead of fighting?”. “Thats why we’re doing circuits. Three sessions instead of weights because I remembered how tired I used to get and the sleep was amazing. We’ll need something now as there’s no more toking”.

The chef was on board, the singer was all in but the programmer never liked any kind of violence and wasn’t about to risk his wrists. “Man, I don’t know. All boxers have hands like bricks and I’m not into that kind of thing”. “Bruv, shut up! Get a few drinks into this man and the Rocky theme starts playing. Don’t think that we forget how many times we’ve had to step in because you get peevey reckless. We’re doing it, lets just try a session”.

After they were wasted without any THc in their system. As they sat around eating and ripping each others performance a new way of doings things stepped in as each started upping the ante by adding on an extra challenge as well as raising the stakes on what they’d get on their trip.

Next day it was raining and two didn’t want to leave the building but one insisted that it was essential before he took it there and started dissing their lack of follow through with various off color remarks about their apparent lack of testicles. The clock ticks, the block spins and they barely make it in at an acceptable time as they’re still sore from the gym.

During the next ninety days they sprinkle more and more things in. Some are ludicrous like spending a day without saying a word to another person after they’d all threw in a hundred each with winner takes everything up to ideas that were verging on genius as they left their smart phones on the shelf and rocked dumb terminals instead.

“Bruv, my focus was on a hundred, thousand trillion” said the programmer as they flew through their circuit of bobbing and weaving and segued into some sparring. “Its like I could see what was coming and code round the problem before it even happened. Like real time debugging, I’ve never felt so amazing”. “Tell me about it” the chef said “I was sitting there doing what was needed in the kitchen and someone was talking about throwing a party for their kid and I told them I’d cater it because I knew I wasn’t going to be sitting round getting blazed with you idiots from Friday till Sunday so bring the paper in!”.

By the time came for the trip none of them felt like smoking any more as the lifestyle they’d built was far more beneficial with its constant competition and encouragement as each pushed the limits of the other whilst accepting any challenge. Pride wouldn’t let anyone back down and all three had stacked more paper, dropped weight and increased the breadth of their vision due to the principle of Incremental Betterment in full effect that they decided to take the money they’d saved for the trip and make a little speculative investment based on what the programmer said.

“Listen bruv, I’m telling you this is going to be the next big thing, right. We were just going to take this loot and waste it on getting wasted, yeah?”. “So what, we just waste it on this instead? Man, what the F is a bitcoin? That ish makes zero sense because its just straight madeupness”. “Why because there’s no queens head on it? Thats what I’m saying, bruv. This crypto wave is the future. Tell you what we’ll put it all in and if it doesn’t kick off within a year I’ll give you both back fifty percent out of my own pocket” the programmer said, then added with a grin. “If it does you both owe me fifty percent of your profits”.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on, G. If mans is that confident then its got to come up, innit? Dude is the original skinflint as he’d smoke the roach till he burnt his lips” said the chef as they fell about laughing. “Man, look I’m with it if you think its something that can work because we’ve gained way more than we’ve spent and we’d only have blown it on the trip so lets bang it in the pot and see what happens with this bitcoin ting, yes?”.

The year was Two Thousand and Thirteen. Bitcoin was trading at around eighty dollars per unit. Within a year it leapt to ten times this as three friends who rose the challenge were doing backflips in the best mental, physical, spiritual and financial shape they’d ever been.

Having this resonance and friendship is the rarest element on this planet as its easy to be Self Destructive in a crowd as that is often what links so if you can take this as inspiration for your team then make it happen because when you change the rules on what controls you you, by default, alter what you can influence hence the principle of Incremental Betterment. If you don’t have a team that gets down like this and pushes you to be more together than you could by yourself then it might be time to break out, go solo and put that work in with the same level of dedication and attention. The net is big, you’d be surprised how much easier it is to find that level of motivation and challenge with those in resonance but once again, that is rare, so do not expect it.

Learning to exist in the depths of solitude whilst still keeping the engine revved generates its own rewards as I’ve done what I’ve said in nigh on total isolation so prepare yourself for the rise of the diamond and witness the excels he brings and manifests with his presence. Never tense, never hesitant but will leave you ment uplifted real quick without toking, smoking, joking or just hoping things happen as this is the real deal, uncut motivation pouring straight into your cerebellum.

Till we meet again

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