George Bush tells the Truth about Iraq

In retrospect we see easily that Bush taking his team to Iraq had little to do with what they said and the alleged nature of the threat, as the weapons of mass destruction didn’t exist. Some would even say this why Dr David Kelly is dead because he was foolish enough to be honest whenContinue reading “George Bush tells the Truth about Iraq”

I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself

You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do. Last month I stated, publicly and on the record, that I would update this site continually for a 21 period. That I did and those events set into motion the next event I’ve been working on since we last kicked it and will beContinue reading “I Challenge You to Challenge Yourself”

Would you Upload your Mind to the Net?

In a few decades or so when the web has closed its digital grip on the minds of those who still dwell upon this planet would you, if offered, jump at the chance to upload your awareness online. Full-time. The real you would be held in a suspended state just above dead that would preventContinue reading “Would you Upload your Mind to the Net?”

You’re not in Shelbyville any more, Toto

I previously spoke of a man piecing together a puzzle in the dark. He sits there alone, on the floor of his palatial home waiting for a glimpse that will assist him in making sense of his predicament when, right on cue, comes a flash of the inner light which changes the way he viewsContinue reading “You’re not in Shelbyville any more, Toto”

How to Sit Still and Enjoy it

The Yin/Yang contains within its design everything you could need to know about life. The interplay of dark and light, polarities combined which generate the spin as they divide and hide the shine within from which it’s all derived and orbits. That non-dual state that sits in the mid and thus doesn’t move as everythingContinue reading “How to Sit Still and Enjoy it”