How to Speak to Your Inner Child

Take this as a preview of whats to come as its a very simple but exceedingly effective method of reconnecting with your inner child whose pristine presence still dwells within the depths of your Adulterated awareness. You will require a notepad and two pens. One with black and the other red ink along with theContinue reading “How to Speak to Your Inner Child”

Real Eyes – Realize – Reel Lies

The hardest things to see are those right in front of your eyes. Especially if thats a rite in front of your eyes because the Devilish language is certainly packed with tricks designed to make you think its something when its actually quite different. The Dual Reality Principle in full effect. People are programmed byContinue reading “Real Eyes – Realize – Reel Lies”

Movies are Emotional Pornography

A configuration of pixels on a screen, that heady array of red, blue and green can make you laugh, make you weep or wish to reproduce instantaneously even though there is nothing but a black square underneath. Quite strange indeed as what makes this visible is rendered invisible instantly but then in the land ofContinue reading “Movies are Emotional Pornography”