Do Something Nice for Yourself

Go ahead, you deserve it. Treat yourself to something nice, relaxing, a better feeling. Something you’ve been craving. Think of it like this:

If you don’t, who will? No one is the answer and you already know this. And yet you rush around putting everyone first and then wonder why you come last. It’s a thankless task and yet so many engage in it. Well, today try something different. Do for you. Go get a massage, take a walk in the park, draw a long bath filled with oils and whatnot. Buy yourself a gift, treat yourself. You’re worth it. Maybe go out for a meal. Do what you feel and have wanted for for so long. Know why? It benefits everyone in the long run.

See, we seek happiness in others and forget it originates in Self, ergo the treat signals a sense of care many can’t bestow upon themselves. Thats like two empty cups meeting and both saying “Got a sip?”. You know no one is getting satisfied in that predicament. The psychology behind self-nurture is that first and foremost it acknowledges the awesomeness of your presence and treats it accordingly. Second it gives you a lift which raises the citizenships that float in your drift aka your family and friends by changing how you interact with them. Third, it allows you to release a wonderful set of endorphins generated by something other than notifications telling you you’re liked. Instead, like yourself. Prove it with your actions versus trying to live an image. Ideally don’t Instafacetweet about it, it’s a private event. Between you and your Self.

Once you start making this connection, it will soon pay dividends. You’ll feel a sense of centering that has long been missing. It’s a way to generate equilibrium and this can change trajectory. Just imagine, if the Titanic were to have shifted course by one degree initially it would’ve sailed smoothly across the sea. That is what this is. Small course corrections by indulging yourself as you check in and progress. Ask yourself:

Why do you treat a friend in need who is stressed with far more care and attentiveness than you can lavish upon yourself? When the plane is dipping and the turbulence kicks in they say “Place the mask on yourself and then on your kid“. This is exactly the same principle because this simple act – it doesn’t have to be expensive as I said time in nature just chilling away from tech and breathing in the air just meandering can be so amazing – signals to all listening that “This is time for me”. As it should be, after all the world treats us how we treat ourselves and by taking the time to replenish you find and discover reserves of strength to power you through the next bout of stress with a grin. Know why?

Because you’ve became a team by befriending the Self that sees all but never speaks and is currently might as well be the Ghost in the Machine. The higher aspect we mean when we say “Me” versus the limited “I” everyone percieves externally. Unite them internally and then feel. Give it a try, you’ll see and you won’t be spooked when you perceive that inner state of tranquility that comes to ease no longer being pulled to pieces as you keep striving to achieve so many different goals quickly.

Take time out for Self.

Till we meet again

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