This Is the Woman You Want to Keep Up With?

There are a load of married women out there who are simply playing house. Sure it may seem like a dream as they livestream and offer you a peek of the apparently idyllic bliss and perfection within which she lives with her photogenic husband and kids, walk in closet and holidays that jet set asContinue reading “This Is the Woman You Want to Keep Up With?”

Would You Listen to a 1:1 Clone of Your Favorite Dead Artist? (No FN Meka)

Lets say if they generate picture perfect digital versions that possess an algorithm based on the stars output, life, vibe and all of that to create a one to one clone made of pixels and tricknology would you listen? It would feel creepy as hell to hear a new Nefarious B.I.T and NuPawk track but you’dContinue reading “Would You Listen to a 1:1 Clone of Your Favorite Dead Artist? (No FN Meka)”

Salman Rushdie, JK Rowling and the Power of the Pen

Salman Rushdie stabbed himself. At least, according to Iran that is what happened. Have you ever read The Satanic Verses? I’d be willing to bet those who are up in arms about this sequence of words and meaning therein haven’t even glanced at the text as they simply joined in the mob action that wasContinue reading “Salman Rushdie, JK Rowling and the Power of the Pen”

Are You Living Your Life or Your Parents?

Its a sad fact that in these modern times most people don’t realize they can live their own life because they’re too busy trying to fit in to another expectations, rules or paradigm. This misguided drive to find themselves fuels a lot of these social justice type movements which is why they’re generally filled withContinue reading “Are You Living Your Life or Your Parents?”

Dopamine Detox – The Aftermath

The universe pushes you where you were already going. This is something where knowing is one thing but feeling is believing because its hard to change direction when inertia is keeping you creeping toward a scene you’d rather be leaving. Before my descent into Slavery I’d built up some nice steam with my energy inContinue reading “Dopamine Detox – The Aftermath”

George Bush tells the Truth about Iraq

In retrospect we see easily that Bush taking his team to Iraq had little to do with what they said and the alleged nature of the threat, as the weapons of mass destruction didn’t exist. Some would even say this why Dr David Kelly is dead because he was foolish enough to be honest whenContinue reading “George Bush tells the Truth about Iraq”

Would you Upload your Mind to the Net?

In a few decades or so when the web has closed its digital grip on the minds of those who still dwell upon this planet would you, if offered, jump at the chance to upload your awareness online. Full-time. The real you would be held in a suspended state just above dead that would preventContinue reading “Would you Upload your Mind to the Net?”