You’re not in Shelbyville any more, Toto

I previously spoke of a man piecing together a puzzle in the dark. He sits there alone, on the floor of his palatial home waiting for a glimpse that will assist him in making sense of his predicament when, right on cue, comes a flash of the inner light which changes the way he viewsContinue reading “You’re not in Shelbyville any more, Toto”

How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

Question yourself to develop inner strength. You are much wiser than you think, actually thats wiser than you allow yourself to know because of a simple trick played upon you by the System which placed an invisible ceiling over your head. When you, as a child tried to jump with the full strength of yourContinue reading “How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling”

The Difference Between a Hero and a Coward

Nobody is born phenomenal, we don’t start at the peak. Its a point that we meet after years of endurance, tests and often life getting the best of us in these attacks. Sometimes they come on all fronts, often they kick us while we’re down and herein lies the difference between the hero and theContinue reading “The Difference Between a Hero and a Coward”