Why I’m Going to Keep My Videos and Content Intact

Who I am now isn’t who I was then. Nor is it who I am becoming and will be. And yet, through all of this, I am unchanging. That, my friend, is lifes little contradiction and if you can find the calm inside the storm, the tranquility in the whirlwind and comprehend what I saidContinue reading “Why I’m Going to Keep My Videos and Content Intact”

Excellence Happens in Isolation

Excellence happens in isolation which is why its easy to be mediocre in a crowd because thats how they get down. Stop and think for a minute and I’m certain it’ll click because the principle of resonance is universal in that respect. If you’re spending your day with four crash test dummies in training itContinue reading “Excellence Happens in Isolation”

You Know What You Want to Do. Why Aren’t You Doing It?

We are all locked in a battle with the greatest Opponent humanity has ever faced. Its a tale as old as time itself and therein lies the hint if you’ll stop and think. Is the version of you you currently are the one you want to be? Is this the best you can do withContinue reading “You Know What You Want to Do. Why Aren’t You Doing It?”

Patrice O’Neal Is My Spirit Animal

Patrice O’Neal is my spirit animal. He really is. I’m not saying I have anywhere near his level of talent or skill but gosh darn there is an immense resonance in not being willing to bend over and take it in the name of playing the game where big bank takes no bank and doesn’tContinue reading “Patrice O’Neal Is My Spirit Animal”

Empire = Emperors. Kingdom = Kings. Countries = ?

Empires were helmed by Emperors who did their thing as they wished which gave way to Kingdoms that were ruled by Kings that occasionally pretended to listen to the plebs they lorded it over in the literal and physical sense. Nowadays we have Countries and they’re ran by…. You know the rest. The question isContinue reading “Empire = Emperors. Kingdom = Kings. Countries = ?”

Where Has the Year Gone?

How’s it been? How’s it going? Are you where you inteded to be? Take a moment and reflect on your trajectory and switch it up if need be then act accordingly. Spiritual, physical, fiscal, sexual, emotional, intellectual – its all the same to me because you know the difference between potential and actuality so beContinue reading “Where Has the Year Gone?”

How to Sit Still and Enjoy it

The Yin/Yang contains within its design everything you could need to know about life. The interplay of dark and light, polarities combined which generate the spin as they divide and hide the shine within from which it’s all derived and orbits. That non-dual state that sits in the mid and thus doesn’t move as everythingContinue reading “How to Sit Still and Enjoy it”