RIP Kanye West

You know, those behind the scenes couldn’t make a dollar trying to sell you a dream if it wasn’t for the talent and presence of the one they pimp via their System. Stop and think about it and you’ll see its quite Self evident. Michael Jackson enriched countless people with his life and even inContinue reading “RIP Kanye West”

Would You Listen to a 1:1 Clone of Your Favorite Dead Artist? (No FN Meka)

Lets say if they generate picture perfect digital versions that possess an algorithm based on the stars output, life, vibe and all of that to create a one to one clone made of pixels and tricknology would you listen? It would feel creepy as hell to hear a new Nefarious B.I.T and NuPawk track but you’dContinue reading “Would You Listen to a 1:1 Clone of Your Favorite Dead Artist? (No FN Meka)”


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Three crowns, one man.

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